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  • Pickett Wilson - Wilson Pickett Sings Bobby Womack (CD)


    Songs by Womack, vocals by Pickett. Complete and together at last.

    Between 1966 and 1968 soul great Wilson Pickett recorded no less than 17 songs written by an up-and-coming singer/songwriter with whom he had much in common stylistically. Bobby Womack’s own time as a regular hit-maker was still a few years off; it was largely the popularity of Pickett’s versions of his songs which set him on his way to soul superstardom.

    For years fans of Pickett and Womack have been hoping for a collection which brings together all of their collaborations – not least Cliff White, who conceived this project way back in 1984. At long last, here it is. (The reason for the lengthy gestation period is explained in the booklet.) As well as those Womack compositions, by way of a bonus the CD includes Pickett’s very apt version of Womack mentor Sam Cooke’s classic ‘Bring It On Home To Me’ and both sides of Womack’s own lone Atlantic single.

    Recorded in Memphis and Muscle Shoals with the leading studio musicians of the day – including Womack on guitar and backing vocals on many of the tracks – “Wilson Pickett Sings Bobby Womack” is in many ways the great lost Pickett album, and one which compares very favourably with any of his official Atlantic releases of the period. Extensively annotated, handsomely illustrated and with a cover design that pays homage to those late 60s Atlantic albums, this is a compilation no Pickett fan can afford to be without.

    TONY ROUNCE (Ace Records)

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  • Various - Wow, Wow, Baby! (CD)


    This strong compilation of R&B is based on the repertoire recorded by or purchased by Hollywood-based R&B entrepreneur John Dolphin between 1950 and 1957.

    ”Wow Wow Baby” is Ace’s third multi-artist compilation of Dolphin R&B (with a little doo wop and gospel thrown in). Deep research into the archive has brought to light some tapes and acetates that were feared lost, plus several previously undocumented goodies. Only three of the tracks have been out on CD before 24 years ago while the rests are receiving their first ever legitimate anthologising in the UK.

    Even if the titles may not all be familiar, a perusal of the list of names of the featured artists which include many of the foremost R&B acts of the era will be sure to guarantee ”Wow Wow Baby”’s appeal to all lovers and collectors of the type of music it contains.

    Beautifully mastered from fresh transfers of the original tapes and acetates, this high quality compilation shows Ace s commitment to 1940s and 50s R&B remains as strong as ever. It is the foundation on which the company was built, 40 years ago, and we have no plans to abandon it.

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