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  • Marauders - Dial M For Marauder (CD)


    Hailing from the forgotten coal towns of western Pennsylvania, The Marauders have been playing lives shows nonstop since they began. The band formed in 2001 consisting of members Ben Dumm on guitar and vocals, Abe Weber on drums, and Chris Lawson on upright bass. The Marauders’ sound is rooted in a combintaion of rockabilly and 1950’s rocknroll with a healthy dose of modern day punk rock energy. With this formula they create a style of music that attracts a wide fan base spanning many genres. With eye catching live perfomances and a dedication to heartfelt musicianship they have earned themselves the admiration of peers, and even a few of their idols, most notabley Brian Setzer. In 2006 Setzer took the Marauders on tour nation wide as his opening act as well as penning their theme song entitled We Are The Marauders”. Since then The Marauders have continued to take thier music on the road and continue to win over new fans in every town they play.”

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