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  • Ramonetures - Johnny Walk Don`t Run Paulene (Käytetty CD)


    The Worlds foremoust PUNK instrumentalists play the hits from THE X songbook! with BILLY ZOOM and D.J. BONEBRAKE!

    For starters, let’s face the facts. The very idea of doing a tribute album is a stale one, indeed. So many bands, so many half-assed performances of other people’s material. But among all the tribute dreck and drivel, there must be at least one band that could offer something worthwhile. A fresh take on doing someone else’s stuff. Enter THE RAMONETURES. With their debut album, they simply cane up with a cooler concept than anyone else was coming up with: play 16 RAMONES tunes VENTURES style (hence the name, by the way). The fact that it was one smokin’ long player didn’t hurt, and it’s since become the biggest seller ever for the Blood Red label.

    And, with their sophomore effort, JOHNY WALK DON’T RUN PAULENE”, THE RAMONETURES have taken their instrumental stylings to the next rung on the punk rock ladder. This time, they’re mining nuggets from America’s other great punk band, X. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Joining the band for this album are original X members, guitar legend BILLY ZOOM and rock-solid

    drummer D.J. BONEBRAKE. Just take a listen to the revved-up Chuck Berry intro on ”Johny Hit and Run Paulene”. Or that downward slide on ”Blue Spark”. Or the primal, propulsive drums on ”Year One Twist.” It’s the classic sound of X played by the guys who were born to play it. But, this baby ain’t drivin’ on re-treads! In grand Ramonetures style, it’s also one of the coolest instrumental albums to come along in many moons. Credit Phantom Surfers head lunatic and Ramonetures guitarist Mel Bergman for leading the band through its wild ride on the instro side! And, while you’re at it, credit ace producer Mark Neil (Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy, the

    Paladins and many more) for making this long player sound like pure dynamite!

    So get ready to dig THE RAMONETURES all over again. It’s part punk, part surf and – literally – half X. It’s Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake together in the studio for the first time in years. Stock up on this title and get ready to show your customers one rockin’ good time! And while you’re at it, file it under ”X” because your X fans are the ones who want it!”

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