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  • Deejays - Coming On Strong, The Best Of The Deejays (CD)


    Originally hailing from London, collectable Sixties Beat combo The Deejays only had two singles issued in the UK but proved to be much more popular in Sweden, where they were based and scored several hits and made two albums.

    COMING ON STRONG is the first UK CD retrospective of this highly-rated band. Originally billed as Johnny Vallons & The Deejays, they were invited to Sweden in 1963 by the manager of The Spotnicks: they came for a two month tour and remained for five years!

    All of the group’s key tracks from 1965-1967 are included on this 28-track compilation, including highlights from the albums The “Deejays” (1966) and “Haze” (1967).

    The sleeve-notes include quotes from Clive Sarstedt (alias Robin Sarstedt, brother of Peter Sarstedt and Eden Kane), who served time with The Deejays for a year or so.

    Copies of ‘Coming On Strong’ on UK Polydor sell for up to £100, fuelled by demand for this Mod/R&B collector’s classic. The two Swedish-only albums sell for even more!

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  • Britten Buddy - Long Gone Baby: Complete Singles 1962-1967 (CD)


    ·       Here are the ten singles of prime time British Beat combo The
    Regents lead by Buddy Britten, topped off with the two singles as his late 60’s
    psych alter ego Simon Raven. 

    ·         Compiled and reissued for the first time, majority of tracks
    making it to CD for the first time too. The release has benefited greatly from
    the full assistance of Buddy himself, who has delivered two previously
    unreleased tracks in Billy Christian
    and Lovin’ You. 
    ·       Buddy Britten was born in Liverpool but his music career got
    going ‘down south’ with Impresario Reg Calvert as first guitar player with
    Vince Taylor then as band leader on Calvert’s south coast package tours.
    Buddy’s own band by 1962 was named The Regents and released singles through the
    Beat and R&B era mainly on Oriole and Pye’s Piccadilly label. ·       Like many 60’s outfits lasting a number of years on the circuit
    The Regents had an ever changing line up, including by late 1964 Nick Simper,
    later of Deep Purple on bass. (Same time Keith Moon was the drummer for two
    days having passed the audition but took up a simultaneous offer from The Who
    ·       After the Beat era Buddy moved with the times looking to record
    a heavier sound. For two singles in 1967 his professional moniker changed to
    Simon Raven (later Raverne), after the British author of the same name. Later
    Buddy reverted to his real name and became a successful author in his own right
    – namely Geoffrey Glover Wright.
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