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  • Captain Clegg - And The Night Creatures (CD)


    ”VUODEN 2009 KOVIN ALBUMI ON TÄSSÄ! KAUHUPITOISTA ALTERNATIVE KANTRIA, JOSSA RIPAUS RANKEMPAA ROCKABILLYÄ! Tässä tarinaa Captain Cleggin myspace saitilta!! Captain Cushing Clegg was born in 1968 on a small farm in Sherman, Texas to Cushing Calvin Clegg, Sr and his wife Azel Winnie Donner. ”’Cushing was a royal terror around the sleepy town of Sherman,” Dale Rhoades wrote in The Sherman Daily Journal. ”When Cushing, Jr., was three or four years old, he walked into the his elementary school and announced that his name was now The Captain and could only be addressed as such. That was fine with his teachers and school mates, most of who were terrified of the wild, young boy; Cushing was The Captain from then on.” In 1987, Clegg moved to Austin and for a brief period co-hosted a radio show called ”The Howling Hootenanny”. Then in the early 1990s, Clegg became a hearse driver for Gallows and Graves Funeral Parlor. It was on one of these midnight ”corpse runs” that Clegg met the first member of his future band The Night Creatures – drummer Baron Lancing Wounds. Lancing was working as a mortician at a competing parlor of death. The two struck up a friendship over their love of ”dead things” and The Night Creatures were born. Soon, Clegg and Wounds stumbled upon an out of work gravedigger and part-time bass player named Lord Victor Ward. Ward was immediately drafted into The Night Creatures and the core of the band nucleus was complete. The newly formed three-piece recorded a record called ”Goat-Head Baby” for the Zoom label using the pseudonym The Cushings. Clegg used the pseudonym because he did not want the fact he recorded a rock n’ roll tune to hurt his future spook country music career. The tune did little to boost their career but did get the attention of Dr. Zachery Gills, a steel pedal guitar master. The Doctor soon joined and the group was complete. Now know as Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures. The band began furiously writing tunes. Clegg’s career began to take off in 1995, when their song ”Voodoo Island Swing” hit number 24 on the local country charts. A few months later, ”Your Evil Spell ” hit number 14, and then ”Lady Frankenstein Blues” hit #8. On October 27, 2005 Clegg performed ”Redneck Vixen” on local TV 18 Uncle Seymour’s Coffin’s Creature Feature. Uncle Seymour soon became a huge supporter of the band and often featured them on his highly-rated show. Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures was named ”the most promising Spook Group” of 2006 by Undertaker’s Weekly and their new single ”Dr. Demon and the Robot Girl” was burning up the charts. The word was out on Clegg, they were hot and the underworld was ready to listen. The 2007 album ”Live From The Slab” was a smash hit and further cemented Clegg as more than just another Honky-Tonk spook band. Clegg soon achieved crossover success on the Mexican pop charts with strange ballad called ” Day Of The Dead”. In 2008, Steel Pedal guitar player Doc Zach left The Night Creatures only to be quickly replaced by the enigmatic Mr. Black. That year Captain Clegg had two more songs reach #1 on the Spook Charts, ”Zombie A Go-Go” and ”Honky-Tonk Halloween.” The future looks very dark for these master of maddening musical mayhem. Stay tuned and be afraid. be very afraid. (ELI SUOMEKSI TÄMÄ ON JESSE DAYTON FROM THE ROAD KINGS, SEKÄ RUMPALINA THE MASTERMAN ERIC TUCKER SAMAISESTA BÄNDISTÄ!!)”

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