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  • Shiflett Chris - West Coast Town (CD)


    Brand New solo album by Foo Fighters lead guitarist Chris Shiflett!

    Alt-country songwriter, rock & roll guitarist, pop-punk pioneer, Chris Shiflett has played multiple roles during his 20+ year career, fronting his own band one minute and serving as the Foo Fighters’ long-time guitarist the next. He turns a new corner with West Coast Town, an autobiographical solo album that finds Shiflett pulling triple-duty as singer, songwriter and bandleader.

    The album was inspired by the unique twang of California’s country tradition and the unique stomp of the Rolling Stones and is his third solo album and follows the 2013 collection of honky-tonk covers, All Hat and No Cattle. It was recorded at RCA Studio over a three-week period, working with Grammy Award-winning producer, Dave Cobb, and Grammy Award winning Engineer, Matt Ross-Spang, accompanied by a group of A-list studio musicians pedal steel guitarist, Robby Turner (lan Jennings, Chris Stapleton), drummer, Chris Powell(Brent Cobb, Jamey Johnson), bassist, Adam Gardner (Southern Family), and keyboardist, Michael Webb (Southern Family).

    Although set in coastal California, it’s an album that creates its own geography a place where dark lyrics rub shoulders with bright bursts of melody; where country music doesn’t just belong to American South, where the soft swoon of pedal steel makes way for sharply-worded lyrics; and where one of modern music’s biggest multi-taskers can combine his song writing, singing and guitar-playing talents into one track list.


    On his infectious new solo song ’West Coast Town,’ Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett flawlessly blends blue-collar country punk with a catchy Bakersfield bounce. Borrowing the rowdy swagger of Prison Bound-era Social Distortion and the SoCal sheen of Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam, Shiflett crafts a sound that is both geographically grounded and wholly his own. —Rolling Stone Country

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