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  • Eddy And The Backfires - Dead Man Stare (CD)


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    Eddy & The Backfires are definetly the wildest and hottest band the worldwide Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll scene has ever seen! They are truly up-to-date but do not ’forget’ their roots! It grooves like Johnny Burnette’s Rock’n’Roll Trio, Jared Freyer’s hot guitar licks explode in the solos just like Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps, Eddy’s vocals varies so much, reminds me to Johnny Preston when it comes to ballads and to Sonny Burgess or John Lewis on the powerful tracks. But on top of it all is the band’s trademark like their own stamp, their own original sound.

    This CD is a steamhammer, it rocks your heart out! It’s more than a must have, you need it, you have to buy it and surely you have to listen to it! MM/Bear Family Records

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