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  • Higham Darrel - Hell`s Hotel (CD)


    Uusi Darrel Higham albumi. Ihan kybän uutuus. Yksi vuoden parhaista. Mukana vierailijoina mm. Imelda May, Robert Plant ja Jools Holland.

    Whilst adjusting to life following his separation from Imelda May in early 2015, Darrel Higham set to write and record without any plan.
    There was no label or management in place, just the opportunity to create with absolute freedom.
    With this newly found autonomy, Higham turned his own Embassy Studios into a fortress of expressing life-adjustments, swinging his attention to the iconic guitarist and ever-fruitful source of influence for himself, Eddie Cochran.

    The outcome of Higham’s sessions is Hell’s Hotel – a superb collection of songs that capture the cathartic essence of his moving forward in life.
    This fresh creative process brought about a change in Darrel’s personnel as well, recruiting new collaborators and accomplices in his mission.

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