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  • Johnny J. & The Hitmen - Louisiana Rockabilly (CD)


    Fans of hard-core rockabilly music have long associated it’s origins with the fertile breeding grounds of Memphis, Tennessee , the great state of Texas and somehow Norfolk ,Virginia..(Gene Vincent!) There is one piece missing in this puzzle . This was brought to the attention of New Orleans recording artist Johnny J .When asked ,during a casual conversation ,”Jerry Lee Lewis is from Louisiana?” “By the way”’ he answered, “so are Dale Hawkins, Joe Clay, Al Ferrier, Johnny Jano , Roy Brown (enthusiastically covered by old swivel-hips himself- Elvis)” …and a mess more! The direct result was the recording of “Louisiana Rockabilly” – produced by one of the aforementioned legends, Dale “Susie Q” Hawkins. To complete your take on the origins of the sacred sound, – Ya gotta have this one!!

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