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  • Ale!

    Presley Elvis - Just Elvis: All His Ed Sullivan Show Performances (DVD)


    13 performances from Elvis’ appearances on The Ed Sullivan between September 1956 and January 1957. So explosive and radical were these performances that the network had to film ‘Elvis the Pelvis’’ final appearance, famously, from the waist up.

  • Ale!

    Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 19 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)


    SOLD OUT volume 19 – It’s been worth the long wait!!

    We are pleased to announce ”Sold Out volume 19”, which contains three hours of rare Elvis footage live on 8mm film. We all know that 8mm film is not perfect, but it was the medium of the time, and thanks to the efforts by fans we can now see wonderful moments from his shows that would otherwise have been lost forever.

    1971 is still in some ways under-documented, and underrated, but on this volume we have footage from 8 different nights in Vegas, which show how physical and dynamic he was. There’s plenty of cool moments, including Elvis throwing out teddy bears during that song, or improvising his way through ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Another rarity on film is him singing ‘I John’ during the ‘Polk Salad Annie’ intro. These eight films, all documented by the same person, give a very good insight into Elvis’ stage shows at the time.

    Elvis gave some of his best shows in Atlanta during the 70’s tours, due to the excitements of the fans there. We have four films from these shows on this release, and in each of them it’s clear that he feels like a fish in the water in Atlanta, and his interaction with the fans is priceless (riding a toy dog, etc). One of the highlights is a cool, funky ‘Polk Salad Annie’. There’s also Memphis footage, as well as two lengthy films from one and the same show, but filmed from different angles (make your own super edit!)… There’s also some of the last footage of Elvis and Red West together, which in light of the subsequent firing and the events after that is moving to see. You also see Elvis introducing his dad, Vernon. His generosity towards the other talent on stage is displayed when he asks The Stamps to do a solo performance.

    There are various lovely close-ups, especially in the later footage. December ’76 was a return to form, as is evidenced in the footage on this release. Highlights include a strong ‘Fairytale’, as well as a dramatic knee-drop during ‘How Great Thou Art’. There’s also footage from the final June ’77 tour, including a fantastic ‘I Really Don’t Want To Know’. Despite everything else that was going on in his life at the time, the man could still SING. Outstanding stuff.

    All the footage is presented as it was originally filmed, with no edits or other manipulations done. All we did was a careful restoration of the footage. This is another superb release that gives you the REAL Elvis, with plenty of great moments. Put this in your player and get transported back to the magic of Elvis live in the seventies.

    Order your copy today!

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    Kane Candye - In Concert DVD (DVD)


    Upea Live taltionti 1997!!!

  • Ale!

    Robbins Marty - Town Hall Party (DVD)


    Marty Robbins was a reticent television performer. His appearances during the early part of his career were few. So this is a treasure trove. Here are performances and interviews dating from the heart of Marty’s golden era. As an added bonus, we catch Tompall and the Glaser Brothers at the dawn of their long career. Marty was perhaps the most versatile singer in country music, and these long lost performances bear that out. He runs the gamut from Hawaiian songs to western ballads to teen pop to classic country. He does it all effortlessly, and he does it all superbly. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the old Town Hall Party in February and October 1959, we’ll take you there!

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    Luman Bob - At Town Hall Party 1958 (DVD)


    Upea taltiointi! Pakko hankinta jokaiselle rockabilly diggarille!

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    King B.B. - & Friends Live In Los Angeles (DVD)


    Recorded at Ebony Showcase Theater, Los Angeles, April 15th, 1987

  • Ale!

    Yoakam Dwight - Live From Austin TX (CD+DVD) (CD)

  • Ale! That`s The Way It Is-0

    Presley Elvis - That`s The Way It Is (DVD)


    Entisöity entistä ehommaksi: kristallinkirkas katsaus Elviksen uransa huipulla!Ensi-ilta. Kiiltävään uuteen esiintymisasuun sonnustautunut Elvis Presley on takahuoneessa ja tuntee perhosparven vatsassaan. Jos laulut eivät pure yleisöön”, Elvis lohkaisee, ”voimme tehdä puku-medleyn.” Laulut purevat kyllä – kiitos uudelleen masteroidulle kuvalle ja re-miksatulle Dolby Surround Stereo äänentoistolle – tässä Elviksen legendaarisen Las Vegasin konsertin (kesä 1970) erikoistaltioinnissa. Elokuva-arkistoija/entisöijä Rick Schmidlinin (Greed, Touch of Evil) on kaivanut studion holveista esiin unohtumatonta musiikkia – yli 30 minuuttia harvinaisia esiintymisiä – ja antanut toivekappaleille todellisen piristysruiskeen. Harjoituskappaleina nähdään hypersvengaava Get Back. Lisäksi Suspicious Minds, One Night ja muut alkuperäisen keikkataltioinnin hiti esiintyvät eri versioissaan. Entä se esiintymisasu-kavaldaadi? Kuka sitä kaipaa, kun konsertti on tätä luokkaa!EXTRA ”Patch It Up” -dokumentti elokuvan ”Tämä on Elvis!” entisöinnistäKesto: n. 1 h 32 min Kuvasuhde: 16:9 LBÄänentoisto: Dolby Digital* 5.1. EnglantiTekstivaihtoehdot:  Tanska, Ruotsi, Norja ja SuomiSuositusikäraja: Sallittu”

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    Guy Buddy ⦁ The Holmes Brothers ⦁ Pinetop Perkins - Mountain Stage An Evening With… (DVD)

  • Ale! Tom Jones Duets-0

    Jones Tom - Tom Jones Duets (DVD)


    Recorded in 1981 from Tom Jones ’Coast to Coast’ TV Specials

  • Ale!

    Los Straitjackets - In Concert DVD (DVD)



    The Los Straitjackets have made a career out of being one of the most dynamic and skillful instrumental bands on the planet. Their renowned live show is filled with mind-bending guitar theatrics, group choreography and fuzzed-out experiments in high fidelity rock n’ roll showmanship. On their new DVD, In Concert, the luchadores of rock document a 2005 gig at San Francisco’s historic Great American Music Hall. The set abounds with original tracks and signature far out covers (My Heart Will Go On”) done as only the Straitjackets can do them. The spellbinding shows are captured in Dolby 5.1 surround sound and crystal clear video resulting in a vintage snapshot of the band in lean, mean musical form. Complete with kitschy cool intro sequences produced by the band, In Concert is the quintessential document of the Los Straitjackets live experience.”

  • Ale! Access All Areas CD+DVD: -0

    Campbell Glen - Access All Areas CD+DVD: (DVD)


    Deluxe two disc (CD + DVD) set. Often considered a country singer, Arkansas-born Glen Campbell made music over five separate decades in a variety of styles. This 1990 performance at the Dome in Doncaster, backed by the Jeff Dayton Band, reflects Campbell’s unique career from the early ’60s on, kicking off with US chart-topper ’Rhinestone Cowboy’ and ending with the Grammy-winning ’Gentle on My Mind’. It majors on his work with songwriter Jimmy Webb with ’Galveston’, ’By the Time I Get to Phoenix’, ’Highwayman’ and ’Wichita Lineman’. His second US chart topper, ’Southern Nights’ by Allen Toussaint, is also featured, while a Beach Boys medley celebrates his time as a musician with that band.

  • Ale! & Friends : Live At Montreux 1986 -0

    Rush Otis - & Friends : Live At Montreux 1986 (DVD)

  • Ale! Live-0

    Sounds - Live (DVD)


    After a long break .. The finnish rautalanka legends – THE SOUNDS are back!

    See them perform their most famous tunes on this live concert DVD.  Including: Mandschurian Beat, Emma, Troika & many more.
    A true blast from the past. The golden 60’s will never be forgotten!

  • Still Alive And Kickin-0

    Hawkins Ronnie - Still Alive And Kickin (DVD)


    + Bonus material

  • Ale! Hot Rod Hayride-0

    Movie - Hot Rod Hayride (DVD)


    Filmed at the 7th Annual Hot Rod Hayride, Bisley, UK (July 2011). Featuring the Detonator Drags (Dunsfold airfield), Demon Drome Wall of Death, Soap Box Derby, Hod Rod Showfield, Burlesque (Anna Fur Laxis) and Circus Freak Show. Also includes live performances from Rusti Steel & The Star Tones, Knocksville, The John Lewis Trio, The Slapbacks, Union Canal String Band and Deke Dickeson & The Ecco-Fonics, alongside interviews with organisers/punters and bands (including Mouse Zinn, John Lewis and Deke Dickerson).

  • Ale! Live - Rockabilly Rave 2011-0

    Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio / Bellfuries - Live – Rockabilly Rave 2011 (DVD)


    KAKSI LOISTAVAA ROCKABILLY BÄNDIÄ!! TÄSTÄ EI 50s TYYLIN ROCKABILLY PARANE! In June 2011, at the 15th Rockabilly Rave these two super groups came together in front of a massive sell out crowd. Thousands of rockin’ fans witnessed a Saturday night that has gone down in Rockabilly history. These two albums which you know so well are brilliantly and vibrantly brought to life by the bands that created and recorded them.

  • Ale! Welcome To Our Hell -0

    Sir Psyko And His Monsters - Welcome To Our Hell (DVD)


    HIENO DVD! Bändin uuden levyn julkaisukeikka sekä bonuksena kaikki musiikkivideot! First official DVD release from this uprising and very talented Psychobilly band!! This is a must have for all fans! A great release with nearly 2 hours of just fine Psychobilly music!

  • Ale! Young & Wild -0

    Rhythm Shakers / Caezars - Young & Wild (DVD)


    The 15th Rockabilly Rave saw two of the most talked about young bands on the rockin’ scene tear up the stage – but from two sides of the Atlantic and with two very different styles.The Rhythm Shakes hit the Rave with the force of an express train…smouldering flame haired Marlene Perez looking a million dollars in a sophisticated black sparkling lame cocktail dress.’Powerhouse’ is often over used when describing live acts, but not usually young female singers – but Marlene rewrites the rules about what is acceptable. The band drives the show on and her sultry, huskie voice fills the hall. By the third number, her hair is wild and the excitement mounts…she breaks into her tough trade mark ’Hit The Road’ spat out with passion and venom.All the hits follow until she is withering on the floor and pounding the stage with her fist…the crowd love her honesty and her deep soulful voice. This is the new breed of rockin’ music straight from the streets of L.A.Without a doubt the most talked about rockin’ band in the UK the Caezers have a lot of hype to live up to before their show on the mainstage at the Rave. They were the most successful band to play both outside of the scene at mainstream events such as Glastonbury or on tour with the Vaccines, Imelda May and Brian Setzer as well as top rockin’ festivals all over the world such as Viva Las Vegas, Hemsby and High Rockabilly. The show on film was one of the most talked about shows in years, with singer AJ shakin’ the place up with his tongue in cheek humour and playing at being a young Mick Jagger. If you want to know what Young and Wild is? Check out this DVD.

  • The Wildest Show Live!-0

    Various - The Wildest Show Live! (DVD)


    CODE FREE DVD with more than 50 songs from the featured WILD artists
    Shot on Location Weber’s Sports Bar & Grill in Reseda, CA December 17, 2011
    Executive Producer: Mr. Wild Records, Reb kennedy
    Directed by Elise Salomon
    Edited by Suzanne Spangler
    Cinematography by Mike Abarta, Luke Dejoras, Engineered by Omar Romero.
    Titles and Graphics by Aaron Needham. Artwork by Roger Biersborn.
    Still Photography by Daniel Funaki
    On the DVD Dustin Chance is Dustyn Chance, Texas Steve & The Tornados is Texas Steve and Louis is Luis.

  • Ale! Love Me To Pieces - A Tribute To Janis Martin-0

    Various - Love Me To Pieces – A Tribute To Janis Martin (DVD)


    Loistava tribute Queen Of Rockabillylle!!

  • Ale! No Brakes-0

    Go Getters - No Brakes (DVD)


    Tiukka keikka englannin rockabilly Rave festareilta.

  • Ale! Jetlag, Junkfood & JD -0

    Jack Rabbit Slim - Jetlag, Junkfood & JD (DVD)


    KUNNON DOKUMENTTI JACK RABBIT SLIM BÄNDISTÄ! ! Jetlag, Junk Food & JD is a feature length documentary about of of the hottest Rockabilly bands of all time: Jack Rabbit Slim. This DVD contains loads of interviews, behind the scenes footage, Live shows from UK, Europe and USA, in the studio filming and much more. A really entertaining film that has been several years in the making and has been edited by professional film makers Bopflix.

  • Speedfreak Manifesto DVD-0

    Peter Pan Speedrock - Speedfreak Manifesto DVD (DVD)


    The DVD Speedfreak Manifesto is not just the regular average DVD from a rockband. You know, with just a live gig on it and some boring superfluous bonus crap. No, without exaggerating we can say Speedfreak Manifesto is a real documentary of the musical career of the band. That�s why we like to call it a DVDocumentary!

    This DVDocumentary shows how a boy�s dream came true. How three guys from Eindhoven (Holland) became the best live band from the whole Benelux and made sure that from then on everybody would call their town Eindhoven Rockcity. Since their start somewhere around 1996 they evolved into this legendary live monster that overrule all other fellow bands in the rock genre. Don�t believe that, huh? Well, go see it for yourself and check out the 150 minutes of beer, sweat, chicks, cars and speedrock. It�s loud, mean, fast & dirty, man!

    The DVDocumentary takes us back to 1999, to the Dynamo Open Air festival. In the seven years that pass we see a band in action on numerous stages all over the globe. In Holland they play on Paaspop, Lowlands, Parkpop, Noorderslag, Pinkpop, Dauwpop, Waldrock, Dynamo Open Air and lots of other festivals. Abroad they hit the stage on Pukkelpop (Belgium), South By South West (USA), Roskilde (Denmark), Graspop (Belgium), North By North West (USA), With Full Force (Germany), Popkomm (Germany), Motorcross 24 heures Le Mans (France), Turbojugend Welttage (Germany) and much much more. Not only do they cross the borders to enter and conquer Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Tjech Republic, Luxembourg, France, Denmark and Italy – no, they also fly several times to the USA and Canada for a tour lasting a few weeks. There are not many dutch rockbands who can say they achieved that!! If you like to get amazed, check out the following link to see the gig list from 2001

    Did we also tell you that all three bandmembers each individually were rewarded as �best musician� – voted by hundreds of their fellow dutch musicians? Best guitarist, best bass player and best drummer! And that the band won the prestigious Zilveren Harp Award so they had to perform two songs with the dutch symphony orchestra Het Metropool Orkest (they choose to play their two hardest and meanest songs for this!).

    Okay, enough talking now! It�s time to hit the fridge and couch: take a beer, put on the DVDocumentary and prepare yourself for an evening filled with loudmouth speedrock.

  • Ale! The 1st Rollin` Records Revue-0

    Various - The 1st Rollin` Records Revue (DVD)


    Hieno live taltiointi! Recorded live at The Boston Arms Auditorium, London, Sat Feb 28th, 2010

  • Ale! Surreal folk blues gospel trash Vol 3 -0

    Reverend-Beat Man - Surreal folk blues gospel trash Vol 3 (DVD)


    Here it is the long awaited: REVEREND BEAT-MAN’  surreal folk blues gospel trash vol 3′

    This DVD contains 19 Videoclips from the Music of ’surreal folk blues gospel trash vol 1+2’ each of the clips is made by another Movie maker, each of the clip is Different to the other, one more one less Proffesional.. the creativity of the Filmmakers had no borders at all ,so you can see a Pupped Show video clip short movie or a Mass Baptising scene or a Clip made in a Strip Joint, or Reverend Beat-Man on the Electric Chair, Reverend Beat-man’s son who sings ’the clown of the Town’ or  Reverend beat-man hit by a car laying in his Blood and singing ’no hope’. when we started the project we thught it’s gonna be trash but what came in was mostly hi quality stuff the people behind the camera proofs that you don’t need a lot of money to make movies these days what counts is the idea and a good eye of the Camera Man

    We are very proud and happy to present you this DVD that comes as well with a lot of bonus material, like a before unreleased song a slid show and a off Take clip and the WHOLE Mass Baptising Scene 

  • Everybody Needs Somebody-The Definitive Fully-Authorised Story Of-0

    Burke Solomon - Everybody Needs Somebody-The Definitive Fully-Authorised Story Of (DVD)


    The definitive fully authorised Solomon Burke story. Paul Spencer’s film, screened recently on BBC Television, follows his journey from a humble Philadelphia neighbourhood to New York, Hollywood, and the music industry’s highest accolades.

    We trace his music back to its gospel roots and learn how faith in God sustains him, his 21 children, 79 grandchildren and 17 great grand children, the family he thought he would never have.

    Bill Wyman tells us how the Rolling Stones in their formative years, covered three of his songs, Tom Jones admits that for him, Solomon left all the other soul singers in the shade, and Jools Holland explains how his powerful voice and magisterial presence guaranteed him appearances on Later” as well as Jools’ latest record.

    Producer and musician Joe Henry describes how, with the help of writers like Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Brian Wilson and Elvis Costello, he produced the record that won Solomon his first Grammy.”

  • Ale! At Green Bay 50`s Rockin Fest II-0

    Dexter Levi With Magic And Slim Jim Phantom - At Green Bay 50`s Rockin Fest II (DVD)


    The complete performance of Rockabilly legend Levi Dexter at the Green Bay Rockin’ Fest. He is backed by members of Japan’s Neo-Rockabilly superstars Magic on guitar and double bass, and Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom. Could this be The Ultimate Neo-Rockabilly Band? Watch this excellent performance of Rockabilly Music at it’s best and decide for yourself!

  • Ale! Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977-0

    Cash Johnny (& Friends) - Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977 (DVD)


    Toka joulushow v. 1977 ja meno senkunvainparanee… Mukana myös All star tribute Elvikselle by Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins ja Johnny Cash. Country-music legend Johnny Cash is joined on-stage by friends and family for this musical holiday celebration. Along with Christmas favorites performed by the likes of June Carter Cash and The Statler Brothers, The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977 feature a rendition of This Train Is Bound for Glory” by The Man in Black with Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison Carl Perkins in memory of the late Elvis Presley.”

  • Ale! The Clothes, The Cars & The Music-0

    Various - The Clothes, The Cars & The Music (DVD)


    TAAS LÖYTYY VARASTOSTA! Upea dokumentti! Mukana paljon live musaa (biisilistalla kokonaiset biisit livenä rockabilly rave tapahtumasta v. 2006.), autoja (Hot Rod Hayride tapahtumasta), haastatteluita, kunnon rockabilly menoa….PAKOLLINEN HANKINTA KAIKILLE ROCKABILLY FANEILLE!