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  • Presley Elvis - The Last Movies (Käytetty CD)


    Finally, Elvis’ last soundtrack recordings are brought together in a cohesive release that works as a companion set for the FTD 7” Classic Album series. “The Last Movies” t contains outtakes and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia and photos.

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  • Various - It´s Gonna Be Action Packed 6CD Boxset (CD)


    All tracks from the 11 volumes of the legendary „Action Packed!“ vinyl album series – plus 16 bonus tracks.

    Comes as a 6-CD box with a 28-page booklet featuring labels and other fabulous pictures.

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  • Scott H. Biram - Bad Testament (Käytetty LP/12)


    With the heart of a genuine Texas Bluesman, the head(banging) of a Zappa and Lemmy disciple and boots resting in the dust outside of town at sunrise, Scott H. Biram journeys through the harrowing human condition like no one else. A walk on the Birams-side straddles the chasm between sin and redemption, and ’The Bad Testament’ lands somewhere west of the Old Testament and south of an AA handbook. It’s a record of hard-grinding lost love and deep, dark Americana with songwriting on the razor’s edge of aggression and deftness, thoroughly contemporary but steeped in the back waters, back porches, and back alleys of our collective musical heritage.

    He is a one-man band, but never falls in a rut, alays shifting, from the wandering Country-Soul of Jimmie Rodgers and the laid-back cool of Merle Haggard to the distorted, unvarnished, unhinged aggro-roots,

    Biram proves yet again he’s not jus A one-man band, he is THE one-man band. The master of the realm. Why? Because even though he’s one man, he ain’t just one thing.

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  • Spellbound - New Blood (Ltd, Numbered, Green Marbled) (LP)


    Irlantilaisbändin uutukainen. Bändin paras ! Hieno sekoitus Psychobillyä ja Rockabillyä!

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  • Eddy And The Backfires - Dead Man Stare (CD)


    Hieno uusi albumi.

    Eddy & The Backfires are definetly the wildest and hottest band the worldwide Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll scene has ever seen! They are truly up-to-date but do not ’forget’ their roots! It grooves like Johnny Burnette’s Rock’n’Roll Trio, Jared Freyer’s hot guitar licks explode in the solos just like Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps, Eddy’s vocals varies so much, reminds me to Johnny Preston when it comes to ballads and to Sonny Burgess or John Lewis on the powerful tracks. But on top of it all is the band’s trademark like their own stamp, their own original sound.

    This CD is a steamhammer, it rocks your heart out! It’s more than a must have, you need it, you have to buy it and surely you have to listen to it! MM/Bear Family Records

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  • Kokomo Kings - Too Good To Stay Away From (Gatefold) (LP)


    Loistavan bändin uutukainen!! Kunnon kattaus roots musaa!!!

    Take a big bucket of unpolished Mississippi juke joint boogie and blend it with another bucket of laid back down home blues. Add a teacup of swamp pop, a tablespoon of hillbilly and a pound of profane, ecstatic gospel and you´ll have the Kokomo Kings.

    This is rock´n´roll before rock´n´roll was born. Nothing but primitive, groovy Saturday-night music made for dancing. The long awaited follow up of their classy debuet record Artificial Natural is here, its called Too Good To Stay Away full of red hot rockin Rhythm and Blues. 12 colorful originals prove once again the smartness and craftmanship of this danish/swedish Cooperation. Long awaited is the remake of The River Tumed To Steam which was available as 7inch version only or A Wasted Day Is Forever Lost, another dancefloor killer ! Smart lyrics, raw unpolished and primitive Rhythms made for dancing ! This is too good to stay away from, so hurry up and get this little platter NOW!

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  • Presley Elvis - The King Strikes Back (10CD Boxset) (Käytetty CD)


    The Audionics label is proud to come up with a new, comprehensive 10CD project, dedicated to Elvis’ legendary Las Vegas Summer ’74 season. It is called  ”THE KING STRIKES BACK!“ and for the first time ever, all rehearsal and live soundboard recordings are presented in best possible sound quality and in one box!
    As you know, these recordings were released through the years by various bootleg labels and by the official collectors FTD label, too. Nevertheless, many of these original releases are hard to find nowadays, including several already deleted FTD CDs! For some of these recordings we have used audio tapes (master cassettes) as a source, rather than existing CD releases. We have spent dozens of hours in studio, to restore and enhance them. As usual, every recording was treated individually and restored from scratch, using today’s advanced technology to achieve the best possible sound quality for your optimal listening pleasure.

    Each disc is placed in individually designed cardboard sleeve and there is a 16-page booklet, full of high quality August/September 1974 photos (including several rare ones) and reproductions of fan reviews, published in the hard-to-find Rex Martin “Elvis News Service Weekly” magazine, back in 1974. These reviews are special, because they were published shortly after the concerts and those memories are immediate and fresh.

    This is the first-ever Audionics comprehensive box. It’s a special set which deserves a place in any serious Elvis collection!

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  • Presley Elvis - Bicentennial Show (2CD) (Käytetty CD)


    FTD is pleased to announce the release of the legendary BICENTENNIAL SHOW.

    This a 2-CD 5” digipack release. 


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  • Presley Elvis - A Brand New Cadillac, Honey! (Käytetty CD)


    A new double CD dedicated to Elvis’ April 1976 tour. It was short but very good tour, with Tony Brown and Ronnie Tutt replacing Shane Kiester on piano and Larrie Londin on drums.

    The Long Beach, April 25th, 1976 afternoon show is previously unreleased. The Seattle, April 26th, 1976 show was first released by Millbranch Music (THE BICENTENNIAL KING VOL. 2 2010) from a rather bad, flat sounding tape source.

    Straight Arrow was fortunate enough to obtain recently recovered 1st generation copies of the original audience-recorded cassettess, which were not in circulation previously. Both shows were recorded by the same person. These enjoyable concerts were never before available in good sound quality until now!  As usual, this new release will be presented in a beautiful 4-panel digipak that includes photos taken in Long Beach (2:30 pm) and Seattle and newspaper reviews of both concerts. Again – its new STRAIGHT ARROW so you know what to expect!

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  • Presley Elvis - Stormy Weather 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    Double CD dedicated to Elvis’ August/ September ’74 season. This recording was taken directly from a recently found new source, a 1st generation copy of an original audience-recorded mastertape, never before in circulation! This fascinating, previously unreleased concert was never before available in such excellent sound quality!

    The penultimate show in Elvis’ August/September ’74 season was a memorable occasion, especially for British and European fans in attendance. Certain issues in Elvis’ personal life influenced what took place on stage at that Labor Day performance.

    The set list included several songs unique to this season: ”It’s Midnight”, ”Big Boss Man” and ”If You Talk In Your Sleep”, the latter with a karate demo midway. His song selection demonstrated his expertise in a great variety of musical genres: the sexy ’torch’ styling of ”Fever”; the sing-a-long ”The Wonder Of You”; the poignancy of ”You Gave Me A Mountain”; and the feel-good ”If You Love Me Let Me Know” and ”Let Me Be There”. Most of all, perhaps, Elvis touched first base musically with the stirring ”How Great Thou Art”.

    In between songs, he related stories ranging from the amusing to serious topics – the circumstances surrounding his divorce and the overblown stories in the movie magazines. Along the way, Elvis’ emotions ranged from undisguised anger (the drug stories) to tenderness – introducing Priscilla and their six-year old daughter Lisa Marie. Usually a private person, it was the presence of his ex-wife that prompted Elvis to speak about his divorce, while making it clear that he and Priscilla were still close.

    The liner notes are written by an English fan, who was there. This new release will be presented in a beautiful 4-panel double digipak that includes rare photos taken in Las Vegas in August/September 1974.

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  • Rejected - Suicide Hotline (Ltd) (LP)


    Tiukka kotimaine uutuus!! Very limited vinyylipainos!!!

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  • Cadillac Three - Legacy (LP)


    2017 release. Leaving a lasting impression on fans with their high-octane live shows and chart-topping songwriting skills, The Cadillac Three continue to make their mark with Legacy, their follow up to 2016’s Bury Me In My Boots. With a sound all of their own that hovers between radio-ready country anthems, hard-and-heavy rock ballads and traditional Southern folk, the trio brings the same energy from their sold-out crowds into the studio. The Cadillac Three, originally known as The Cadillac Black, is an American Southern rock group consisting of Jaren Johnston (lead vocals, guitar), Kelby Ray (bass guitar, Dobro, acoustic guitar, vocals), and Neil Mason (drums, vocals).

    Including download code. Gatefold sleeve.

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  • Movie - Rock! Rock! Rock! (1956) DVD+ 2CD (DVD)


    This pioneering 1956 Rock ’n’ Roll film features disc jockey and impresario Alan Freed introducing performances by Chuck Berry, La Vern Baker, Johnny Burnette and Frankie Lymon. A must see for all fans of Rock ’n’ Roll music. Featuring a youthful Tuesday Weld who later appeared opposite Elvis in Wild In The Country, the film is an American time capsule featuring stunning performances from many rock artists .

    Also included are two CD compilations with 60 original remastered hits: CD1 captures the thirty key songs that made Rock ’n’ Roll great, from it’s roots to The Beatles and CD2 includes thirty Rock ’n’ Roll hits from the movies of the ’50s and ’60s. Featuring original recordings from Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, The Four Seasons and The Beatles

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  • Presley Elvis - Please, Stay In Your Seats (Käytetty CD)


    Recorded live at the spectrum in Philadelphia, PA on may 28 1977. Taken straight from the 1st generation audience recorded master tape, this show features a fine show, with Elvis in good spirits, doing fine versions of ”Polk Salad Annie” ”My Way” ”Little Sister” among others, a very young Bruce Springsteen was in the audience this night, and he noted ”I remember enjoying the show tremendously” while also acknowledging ”It was not a good night”, we feel it’s up to you to judge what you think of this show.

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  • Cody Jinks - Adobe Sessions 2LP (LP)


    Vinyl LP pressing. Cody Jinks’ credible grit and meaningful tattoos are no fad. They define exactly who he really is: someone who was raised on the sounds of country music and metal. Ultimately, Jinks found himself back to where it all began. His father loved the outlaw country icons: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and The Hag. That never ending consistency of incredible music growing up laid some very deep seeds and those early influences shine through his music. Jinks’ beloved 2015 album Adobe Sessions, his fourth overall, is available on vinyl for the first time with bonus track ”Fast Lane” and Side-D etching. ”In 2015 a great crop of fresh faces in country and Americana arose on many people’s radars,” writes Country Perspective. ”Hands down one of the best artists to emerge amongst this group was Cody Jinks…[His] 2015 album Adobe Sessions felt like the awaited breaking out of the next big star in the independent country scene. The album is full of traditional country, plenty of steel guitar and ballads on life and love.”

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  • Los Straitjackets - Sing Along LP + 7″ Single (Black Friday 2017) (LP)


    2001’s Sing Along with Los Straitjackets was the first time the masked instrumental musicians let vocals appear on their tracks, an endeavor they would embark on again later with Deke Dickerson.

    Sing Along with Los Straitjackets features a party of musicians spanning all across the musical sphere, from Nick Lowe playing bass on his own ”Shake That Rat,” to collaborations with Exene Cervenka, Mark Lindsay, The Trashmen, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell, and even more.

    Being reissued on LP for the first time ever for Record Store Day Black Friday 2017, every Record Store Day Black Friday issue of the LP also comes with a bonus 45 single featuring two never before heard collaborations from the Sing Along with sessions featuring Dave Alvin and Reverend Horton Heat (who also make an appearance on the album!).

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  • Watson Johnny Guitar - A Real Mother For Ya (180 gram, crystal clear) (LP)


    The multi-talented Johnny “Guitar” Watson was known for his guitar skills and was one of the hottest blues artists during the 1950s. His 1977 funk album A Real Mother For Ya produced the same titled international hit song and features “Nothing Left To Be Desired” and “Lover Jones”. Also included is the 2020 Ben Liebrand Oldskool mix as a bonus track, which was not available on the original album. During his career, Johnny “Guitar” Watson influenced Jimi Hendrix amongst others and earned a Grammy nomination for best contemporary blues album. Sadly Johnny “Guitar” Watson passed away while touring Japan in 1996. A Real Mother For Ya is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on crystal vinyl

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  • Parker Junior - Like It Is / Honey-Drippin’ Blues (CD)


    Junior Parker’s two albums for Mercury Records, dating from 1967 and 1969. Parker’s driving blues made him a force to be reckoned with, with his distinctive vocals and harmonica style. Sadly he was cut down in his prime, dying during surgery for a brain tumour in 1971. Digitally remastered and slipcased. New notes.

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  • Hank III - Greatest Hits (LP)


    Curb recordsin lisärahastus…

    Hank Williams III’s Greatest Hits presents fifteen of Hank III’s biggest selling country songs for the first time in one package. Available on vinyl as well as CD, this collection simultaneously showcases Hank’s strong country influences from his legendary heritage as well as his own outlaw edge.

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  • Salidos De La Cripta - Enemigos De La Humanidad (LP)


    “Enemigos de La Humanidad” is the second dead man that escapes from the Crypts of Bogotá, these three Latin-American Psychos; known as Salidos De La Cripta, made this record as a perfect soundtrack for setting the world on fire!

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  • Presley Elvis - Everybody Let’s Rock – From Japan With Love Vol. 3 (Käytetty CD)


    Recorded live from the audience in Las Vegas, NV, August 5th, 1972, D/S and M/S, this 2CD-set is subtitled ”From Japan With Love Vol. 3” because it was recorded by a member of a Japanese fan club.
    The Las Vegas, August 5th, 1972 Dinner show was first released in 2008 on the CD ”Directly From The 1972 Elvis Summer Festival”. This earlier CD was taken from different, inferior source tape. Our new recording is of much better sound quality.

    The Las Vegas, August 5th, 1972 Midnight show is previously unreleased.

    There is no need to discuss the fact that ALL shows from August/September 1972 are excellent! Natural highlights are especially ballads like ”What Now My Love”, ”An American Trilogy”, ”My Way” or ”For The Good Times” and rock’n’rolls like „A Big Hunk O’Love” or ”Johnny B. Goode” One song from Midnight show stands out: a cool, one-off of ”Jailhouse Rock”! Needless to say that this is a rarity for 1972, and what a great version it is too – it easily beats all other 70’s versions.

    Both concerts are taken from a recently found first generation copies of original audience recorded cassette tapes. They were never before available in listenable sound, until now! You may ask your supplier for samples.

    This CD is packaged in a nicely designed double digipak with great collection of quality images taken in August 1972.
    If you enjoyed some of our other releases such as ”Rock & Soul… And Some Mighty Fine Rock’n’Roll” and ”The Make The World Go Away”, then you sure to enjoy our latest release.
    As with all our releases, this CD is a labour of love and hope you enjoy it.

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  • Presley Elvis - A Boy from Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 (3CD Box + BOOK) (CD)


    A Boy from Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings is the definitive collection of Elvis’ Sun-era recordings in one comprehensive package.

    A Boy from Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings includes on 3 CDs every surviving Elvis Presley Sun master and outtake, plus two private records Elvis paid with his own money to record, as well as all known radio- and concert performances from the period. Many of these recordings are rare demos, session takes, and live performances including a newly discovered and previously unreleased recording of “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” from a 1955 Louisiana Hayride performance.

    The accompanying 120-page book compiled by Elvis authority Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and is, in essence, a fully-illustrated travelogue. It details the birth of Elvis’ career through facts, anecdotes, documentation, many rare photos, and a succinct narrative. Independence Day 1954 is when this uniquely American saga begins, less than 24 hours before his first professional recording session, and it ends in December 1955, when the rights to Elvis’ Sun tapes officially expire and the singer leaves Sam Phillips and Sun Records to record for RCA Victor.

    3CDs in a 6-panel oversized media carrier with 120 book in a slipcase.

    This is the story of Elvis Presley before he becomes world-famous, and how this amazing young man readies himself for stardom, achieving success on a level that no one could have dreamed possible.

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