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  • Coffinshakers - Dracula Has Risen From The Grave EP (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    Reissue with different cover art. Edition of 600 copies on black vinyl out of a total of 900 copies for the reissue.

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  • Martin Scorsese Presents - The Blues: A Musical Journey 7 DVD Boxset (DVD)



    Special Features: Contains seven feature-length films: Feel Like Going Home directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Peter Guralnick
    The Soul of a Man directed and written by Wim Wenders
    The Road to Memphis directed by Richard Pearce and written by Robert Gordon
    Warming by the Devil’s Fire directed and written by Charles Burnett Godfathers and Sons directed by Marc Levin Red, White & Blues directed by Mike Figgis Piano Blues directed by Clint Eastwood….. ____Over three hours of special feature material: Live performances not seen in the film Director commentaries On-camera interviews with the directors Director biographies and filmographies Special menu options to scan for all music performances Trailerit may have been underrated when first broadcast on PBS on consecutive nights in the fall of ’03, but executive producer Martin Scorsese’s homage to the blues is a truly significant, if imperfect, achievement. ”Musical journey” is an apt description, as Scorsese and the six other directors responsible for these seven approximately 90-minute films follow the blues–the foundation of jazz, soul, R&B, and rock & roll–from its African roots to its Mississippi Delta origins, up the river to Memphis and Chicago, then to New York, the United Kingdom, and beyond. Some of the films (like Wim Wenders’s The Soul of a Man and Charles Burnett’s Warming by the Devil’s Fire) use extensive fictional film sequences, generally to good effect. There’s also plenty of documentary footage, interviews, and contemporary studio performances recorded especially for these films.The last are among the best aspects of the DVDs, as the bonus material features the set’s only complete tunes. Lou Reed’s ”See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” and the ElektriK Mud Kats’ (with Chuck D. of Public Enemy) hip-hop-cum-traditional updating of Muddy Waters’s ”Mannish Boy” are among the best of them; on the other hand, a rendition of ”Cry Me a River” by Lulu (?!) is a curious choice, even with Jeff Beck on hand. The absence of lengthier vintage clips, meanwhile, is the principal drawback. For that reason alone, Clint Eastwood’s Piano Blues is the best of the lot; a musician himself, Eastwood simply lets the players play, which means we get extensive file footage of the likes of Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, and Nat ”King” Cole, as well as new performances by Ray Charles, Dr. John, and others. Overall, this is a set to savor, a worthwhile investment guaranteed to grow on you over the course of repeated viewings. –Sam GrahamProduct DescriptionThis 7 DVD set features rare archival performance footage of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Eric Clapton and many more. It also features newly filmed performances by contemporary artists singing classic blues songs”

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  • Burnette Johnny - Train Kept A Rollin – Memphis To Hollywood: The Complete Recordings 1955-1964 (9CD Boxset + BOOK) (CD)




    Johnny Burnette was at the heart of rock ’n’ roll music for almost ten years, and had a leading role in most of the changes that overtook the music from the dawn of rockabilly to the British Invasion. Now his music from those incredible years is complete for the first time!Johnny Burnette was one of the very few Memphis rockabillies actually born in Memphis. Many rank his 1956 and 1957 Rock ’n’ Roll Trio recordings as the finest in all of rockabilly. The explosiveness and youthful energy truly heralded a new era in music, and the Trio’s impact is felt to this day. But there was much more to Johnny Burnette, and it’s all here on 9 CDs. Here is his very first record from 1955 as well as all of the Rock ’n’ Roll Trio recordings complete with alternate takes, and all of Johnny’s Hollywood recordings, plus one hundred rare or unissued demos. Johnny and his brother Dorsey began their west coast career writing songs for Ricky Nelson (Believe What You Say, It’s Late, etc.). Johnny recorded for Nelson’s label, Imperial, in 1958, then switched to Freedom/Liberty Records later that year. During his four years on Liberty, he scored several worldwide smash hits that defined the early Sixties, including Dreamin’, You’re Sixteen, Little Boy Sad, and Big Big World. All the issued and previously unissued Liberty recordings are here, complete for the first time. After leaving Liberty in 1962, he recorded for Chancellor (seven unissued Chancellor recordings are included here), Reprise, and then Capitol. The Capitol sessions are complete at last, too. Finally, Johnny recorded for his own label, Sahara/Magic Lamp, before dying tragically in a boating accident in 1964.In addition to all of the session recordings, this exclusive boxed set includes three CDs of demos that Johnny recorded with Eddie Cochran, his brother Dorsey, and others. It also includes his instrumental recordings for Infinity and Gothic, as well as Dorsey’s rockabilly classic Bertha Lou (featuring Johnny on guitar and background vocals).This set also includes a newly researched biography by Colin Escott and a complete discography by Russ Wapensky and Richard Weize, as well as exclusive photos from private collections and the Burnette family

    CD1. JOHNNY BURNETTE & The Rock n’ Roll Trio CD7. (Demos; * = Dorsey; ** = Johnny & Dorsey) CD8. (Demos; * = Dorsey; ** = Johnny & Dorsey) CD9. (Demos; * = Dorsey; ** = Johnny & Dorsey)”

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  • Jussi Syren Rockabilly Revival - One Step Ahead Of Trouble (Käytetty CD)


    Yksi vuoden 2003 parhaista albumeista. Tiukkaa original 50`s tyylin rockabillyä helkutin hyvillä soundeilla! MUST ALBUM!!!

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  • Various - Root Damage 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    okay here’s the dill pickle (deal):ROOT DAMAGE” is a the result of a serious excavation through the blues/country/roots rock n’ roll releases in the sympathy catalogue…there has been a lot of it through the years and it just seemed like time was due to take a closer look…”root damage” is a glorius and thoroughly unholy assemblage… the cover art was commissioned from rob and christian clayton…if you are unaware of the marvels of these rural rapscallions do yourself a favour and check them out at www.claytonbrothers.com

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  • Presley Elvis - Fun In Acapulco Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    Hieno paketti. Pakattu kolmiosaisen singlen kansiin, ja mukana hieno kirjanen. Biisit 1-11 soundtrack elokuvasta, Biisit 12-13 Bonus biisit soundtrackillä, Biisit 14-27 uusia bonusbiisejä, ennenjulkaisemattomia eriotoksia!

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  • Presley Elvis - New Year’s Eve 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    Legendaarinen uudenvuoden konsertti Pittsburghista vuoden 1976 ja 1977 vaihteesta. Huom! Tämä ei ole soundboard äänitys, vaan erittäin hyvä tasoinen yleisö nauhoitus. Sata kertaaparempi kuin aikaisemmat bootsi versiot!

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  • Wigfall Mick - Analyse This (Käytetty CD)


    Mick Wigfall played slap bass in Darrel Higham’s Enforcers for quite a few years. Now he’s given that up to run his own recording studio – Sweet Georgia Brown’s.

         Many good sounds are comin’ out of this studio at this time. On this CD he’s helped out by Darrel Higham and Lee Curtis of the original Enforcers (also Bob and The Bearcats), Imelda Clabby (Darrel’s wife), Lareda, Lee Badau, An Savage and Matt Jackson. The interesting covers here are ’Travellin’ Band’ (Creedence Clearwater Revival) and ’Doctor my eyes’ (Jackson Brown – YES!!!).

         Mick Wigfall, the double-bass player, was a founder member of the Enforcers in 1994. Born in London, he started his bass-playing career at the age of sixteen. His very first band was called The Rock-its, featuring Johnny Tomlinson (who went on to sing for the Orson Family), friend Paul Moxam on drums and Combo on guitar. Then Mick joined the Guana Bats as their first double bass player and stayed with them for several months. He then went on to play with many other bands like Rabbit Action, The Gamarays (when he met Phil Connor from Skitzo who stayed a very close friend), The Cobras, Sonny West & The Rhyth Kings and Number Nine with the legendary Paul Ansell. Eventually, in 1996, still with Number Nine and The Enforcers, Mick Wigfall formed his own band called Solid Smoke in which he sang lead vocals and made his debut as a song writer. The band included lead guitarist Carlo Edwards (Bluecats) and Les Curtis. Mick has played bass for countless bands and US artists and took part in many major musical events, several national TV appearances and radio shows in the UK and Europe. On tour in the USA Mick was fortunate to play in towns like Memphis and happened to meet the legendary guitarist James Burton. He has also extensively toured all over Europe. Today, Mick Wigfall runs his own recording studio – Sweet Georgia Browns with his partner and friend Ryan Savage, and they have both recorded a string of great artists and bands. In his studio (Sweet Georgia Browns) Mick Wigfall has recorded such people as: Rocky Burnette, Darrel Higham & The Enforcers, Mike Sanchez, Carlos & The Bandidos, The Big Town Playboys (with Big Joe Louis), Number 9, The Avengers, etc.

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  • Gecko Brothers - Stop Bitchin, Start Drinkin` (Käytetty CD)


    Woow!! Finally it’s out!! The new band from Eric Haamers (Batmobile!!), unnecessary to say, this album rocks!! What can you aspect: RAWK R’N’R!!/speedrock with a Motorhead attitude!!! Great artwork made by kostum Sam!

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  • Glen Glenn - Rocks! (CD)


    MAHTAVA! UPEA!! KAIKKI 50`S ROCKABILLYT SAMASSA PAKETISSA!! UPEA KIRJANEN!! Glen Glenn is perhaps California’s best known original 1950s rockabilly outside of Eddie Cochran. A veteran of the fertile California country music scene of the 1950s, Glen along with his longtime partner Gary Lambert on guitar recorded some of the best loved rockabilly sides of all time, including Everybody’s Movin’ and One Cup Of Coffee, which have both been covered by artists as diverse as The Stray Cats and Bob Dylan!Glen originally recorded a handful of 45’s for ERA and DORE Records in the late 1950s, but his legacy is also best known through a slew of demo recordings, unissued tracks, alternate takes, and live recordings from the television and radio.Glen’s recordings have been available on reissue since the 1970s, but you had to buy 6 CDs to have all the recordings, with tons of duplication-until now.  Leave it to Bear Family to FINALLY do a cohesive presentation of all of Glen Glenn’s recordings.This disc, compiled by British rock ’n’ roll expert Bill Millar, is the first of two that Bear Family plans to do, and contains all of Glen’s studio recordings.  From his early country demos (with Ralph Mooney on steel guitar) to the ERA Recordings he is best known for (including the dance floor fave Everybody’s Movin’), his rare DORE sides from the late 50s/early 60s (including the never-before reissued Suzie Green from Abilene), along with several alternate takes and rare studio demos, this CD is the definitive word on Glen’s studio recordings. The second CD which is planned for release next year will be the definitive compilation of his live recordings and other alternate takes.Bonus here is the incredible packaging featuring an 64-page booklet, packed with incredible pictures of Glen and Gary Lambert backstage with the likes of Elvis, the Maddox Brothers, the Everly Brothers and just about everybody else who was touring the West Coast during the 1950s!Liner notes by Deke Dickerson, who delivers the definitive word on Glen’s recordings.Even if you have the other Glen Glenn reissues, you’re best advised to take them to the used CD store and get this superlative release with the deluxe Bear Family sound and packaging for your collection!

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  • Klingonz - Up Uranus (CD)


    THE KLINGONZ have finally released their first studioalbum since B.LL.X in 1994 and it`s a blast!! UP URANUS is the very best album they did! This is one of the maddest Psychobilly bands ever and sure this album`s gonna be a hit! Quality songwriting, great melodies and a very good recording makes UP URANUS a killer release! 

    Swing with the real KINGS!  

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  • Coe David Allan - Live at Billy Bob’s Texas (DVD)


    This DVD release recorded at the world-famous Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth. Coe showcases many of his monster hits.

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  • Meteors - Wreckin Crew (Re-Mastered) + Bonus – CD (CD)


    Legendaarinen toinen albumi. Yksi kautta aikojen parhaista psychobilly levyistä. * = bonusbiisi!

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  • Nelson Willie - The Essential 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    Loistava peruskokoelma country legendan parhaista vedoista!!

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  • Various - Sun Records (The Ultimate Blues Collection) 3CD (Käytetty CD)


    Sun Records – The Ultimate Blues Collection – 75 Essential Recordings – The Original Sun Blues Masters

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  • Agents & Jorma Kääriäinen - Agents Is…Tonight! (Ltd, 300 copies) (LP)


    Ekaa kertaa vinyylinä tämä mahti-Agents vuodelta 2003, Jos Tulla Saisin, Kättes Suojaan, Rakkaus On Kummaa jne!! Musta vinyyli 300 kipaleen rajoitettuna painoksena. Mukana liite.

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