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  • King Coleman - It`s Dance Time (LP)


    I’m the bald headed wonder, full of lightning and thunder!” proclaims King Coleman, the Hully Gully Mashed Potato Booga Lou Man! Get on board with the first ever roundup of the King’s wicked sixties soul dance hits! From his over the top vocal whomp on Nat Kendrick and the Swans’ 1959 smash hit (Do The) Mashed Potatoes to his own roof raisers like The Boo Boo Song, Alley Rat and Do The Booga Lou, this frantic platter just never lets up! And while you’re catchin’ your breath, dig the King’s colorful bean spill on his wonderful, wild n’ wooly career! Like the man himself sez: ”IT’S LOO-KEY DOO-KEY TIME!””

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  • Various - Rhythm Teens-Rare & Unissued New England Vocal Groups! (CD)


    (* = previously unissued) Norton’s RAGING TEENS rock n’ roll series gets supersized with 23 rare and unissued New England vocal group sides! THE RHYTHM TEENS includes ten never released 1959 chants by the Dappers of Peacock Records fame-from master tapes! Loaded with great pictures and detailed bios of all the groups! The onstage cover shot of the Dreamtones in full greasy wail is worth the price of admission alone, Jack!

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  • Langhorns - Mission Exotica (CD)


    ”Langhorns is an instrumental surf band from Lund, a city without beaches. Three guys along with a part time horn-section succeed, despite the beachlessness of their natural surroundings, in being a vital part of the worldwide scene of surf-music. Their third full-length release; Mission Exotica is a delightful cocktail of all the stuff that has characterized the genre since day one. Surf-music sees its first light in a time when rock & roll swings wildly from one side of the spectra to the other and literally every influence is invited to participate in the spectacular circus. During a period of ten intense years surf music takes it shape: a hilarious mix of minimalistic blues-rock, jazz, psychedelia, R&B, flamenco, Latin-rock, Mexican mariachis and the seductive tunes of the Orient. The British invasion, however, locks the positions and puts an end to the heydays of development within the genre…until now.

    Mission Exotica takes off in a timeless, or perhaps rather basal lack of respect for set genre standards and creates a magical blend that at the same time is so obvious and filled with musical joy that it seems next to impossible to get enough of! Bringing a desperate yearning for development and a love for everything that’s musically off the beaten track back into a somewhat stagnated area of rock, Mission Exotica pushes forth the dimensions. In a haze of musical drunkenness Langhorns embrace the hybrids found in the twilight zones between different musical traditions.

    Mission Exotica was recorded at Gula Studion in Malmö (Sweden), once a part of the legendary Tambourine Studios, produced by Erik Hjärpe from the amazing rhythm-artists Damn!

    Both previous Langhorns albums (Bad Taste Records) received a lot of attention from enthusiasts all over the planet as well as from media everywhere. The American TV-show ”Sex And The City” featured a song from the band in an episode last year and the same goes for several children’s shows on Nickelodeon. In Sweden the biggest film production of 1999, ”Vuxna Människor”, also included a song by the Langhorns.

    The CD also contains an extensive CD-Rom part with 12 (!!!) bonus tracks, the video for Club Gabardino, approx 80 photos ranging from the initial days of Langhorns up until the recording of their latest album etc.

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  • Richard Cliff And The Shadows - Summer Holiday Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    Upea paketti. Singlen kokoinen paketti, jossa mukana elokuvan juliste ja postikortteja. Hieno kolmiosainen taitos päälikansi! Must kaikille Cliff faneille!

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  • Various - Chartbusters USA Vol 3 (CD)


    ® The latest mouth-watering instalment of our Chartbusters USA series hits the shelves, with an eclectic choice of 30 more tracks from all musical styles from the post-Beatles era.

    ® Spanning the years 1963-1969, compiler Rob Finnis mixes soul, pop, lounge and garage into 80 minutes of pure listening pleasure.

    ® Comes with Mr Finnis’ usual extensive sleeve-notes, tons of photos and memorabilia, and of course the sound is all from the best possible sources.

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    From Ace info – ® In the early post-WWII years, Central Avenue was to Los Angeles what Harlem was to New York – the focal point of black nightlife and the point from which all great music on the West Coast sprang.

    ® This CD is the first in a new Ace series that will pay tribute to South Central LA. and stress just how important a part it played in the emergence of Rhythm & Blues as the 40s became the 50s.

    ® The 26 tracks here are both the beginner’s guide” to LA. R&B and the tracks that most influenced the spending habits of black Angelenos in this extremely fertile period in music. Almost every major name form the period is featured, from Joe Liggins – who had the first major South Central breakout with ’The Honeydripper’ – to Johnny Otis, who to this day is the living embodiment of West Coast R&B.

    ® In spite of the familiarity of many of the titles, it may surprise even the most committed Ace collector to learn that seven of these tracks have never appeared on Ace CDs before – including the single master of Young Jessie’s ’Mary Lou’!

    ® Compiled and annotated by world-renowned R&B expert (and himself a native Angeleno) Billy Vera, this is an important examination of a scene long vanished, and a great listen besides.

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  • Various - Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 1 (CD)


    The first volume in our major new series devoted to the classic Modern downhome blues recordings. Here, we concentrate on the famous field sessions conducted in Arkansas and Mississippi by Modern Records’ partner Joe Bihari with Ike Turner in 1951 and 1952.

    ® The main target of these southern trips was slide guitar hero Elmore James. Along the way, such revered blues names as Boyd Gilmore, Drifting Slim, Houston Boines and Charley Booker were also recorded.

    ® The well-illustrated booklet features notes written by Living Blues founder, Jim O’Neal, who has been researching the Mississippi Delta blues for over 30 years.

    ® Completely remastered, these recordings were destined originally for commercial release, and show the Delta juke joint blues at its most authentic and enjoyable.

    ® Includes three previously unissued tracks.

    ® Two further volumes are planned this year to delight blues fans, young and old.

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  • Brooks Hadda - Swingin` The Boogie (CD)


    Jatkoa Oscar McLollielle…Ace:n vanhat 10albumit nyt cd:nä! Mukana bonusbiisejä! I

    – The second ”Ace 10 Inch CD” pays tribute to ”The First Lady Of Modern Records”, the late Hadda Brooks (1916-2002).

    -Whereas our previous Brooks release (CDCHD 453) mostly showcased Hadda’s sultry vocal stylings, this package is a 98% instrumental affair that draws its content from the many invigorating boogie pieces she recorded for Modern between 1945 and 1951 – including, for the first time on a legit CD, both sides of Modern’s debut 78rpm release!

    – Despite the ”all-boogie” tag there’s plenty of variation in style and tempo here. None of these tracks have been anthologised for CD release in the UK before, and several have never been released before in any format.

    – Piano boogie and 10″ albums were made for each other and, as proven here, few are more adept at making such a relationship work than our Miss Brooks.

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  • Various - Complete Meteor Rockabilly & Hillbilly Collection 2CD (CD)


    -The definitive rockabilly and hillbilly collection from the famed Meteor label of Memphis, Tennessee, containing every single release plus four originally unissued tracks from 1954-1957.

    -The leading Meteor rockabilly names Charlie Feathers, Junior Thompson, Bill Bowen, Jess Hooper and Wayne McGinnis are class acts in the genre. In the hillbilly field, Bud Deckelman’s ’Daydreamin” is one of the true honky tonk classics.

    – Sun rockabilly author Martin Hawkins has written an incredibly well-researched noted, based on new interviews with the artists or their surviving families. He has also turned up evocative period photographs that are packed into the beautiful booklet.

    – At a stroke, one can trace the transition from hillbilly to rockabilly to rock ’n’ roll. Through Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins, Sun Records was the leader of the revolution – and we can see that Meteor Records was at the heart of it, too.

    – This newly-mastered, deluxe double-CD replaces the now-redundant and deleted ’Meteor Rockabillies’ (CDCHM 484) in our catalogue. An important historical yet very commercial release.

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  • Various - L.A. SHAKEDOWN – 2003 COMPILATION 2CD (CD)


    2 CD’s, 38 Blistering Tracks, Over 100 Minutes of Music!

    Official compilation of the 2-day punk and rawk festival. Features New, Unreleased and Hard to Find tracks!

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  • Nelson Willie - Crazy: The Demo Sessions (CD)


    When Willie Nelson first arrived in Nashville in 1960, he was a funny-looking, slightly pudgy Texan with dreams of making it as a singer and songwriter. He found work writing songs (for $50 a week) for Ray Price and Hal Smith’s publishing company, Pamper Music. Crazy: The Demo Sessions contains 18 of the demo recordings Nelson made for Pamper between 1960 and 1966, including the famous title cut, which Nelson’s friend Hank Cochran pitched to Patsy Cline in 1961. Cline knew a good song when she heard one, and she even mimicked Nelson’s now-famous style of singing slightly behind the beat. Crazy contains a number of recordings that Nelson would revisit over the years, including Opportunity to Cry,” ”I’ve Just Destroyed the World,” ”Darkness on the Face of the Earth,” and ”Half a Man.” (To hear more of the Pamper recordings, check out Rhino’s superb 1995 box set, A Classic & Unreleased Collection.) The tracks here are exquisite–many of them feature just Nelson and his guitar, with a sound that is much closer to his stripped-down Red Headed Stranger period than his 1960s recordings for RCA. One of the highlights is a definitive reading of the previously unreleased demo ”Something to Think About,” a spellbinding tearjerker featuring the great Hargus ”Pig” Robbins on piano and Buddy Emmons on pedal steel. –David Hill”

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  • Presley Elvis - 59: Man And His Music (Lehdet)


    In this issue we can find an exclusive interview with Jerry Schilling, I forgot to remember to forget revisited (great article), Promo CD world, CD reviews. DVD video watch, Hot shellac and cool vinyl by Ger Rijff and much more.”

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  • Various - Raging Teens Vol 4 (CD)


    (* = previously unissued) The wildest romp since Paul Revere’s ride!! They say that good and loud things come to those who wait, so for all ye faithful who’ve followed our rackety ride through the underbelly of New England rock n’ roll, we return after a ten year soujourn with another round of THE RAGING TEENS! Now dig 18 more of the area’s primo blasts featuring a dollop of whallop from legendary teen icon Bob Vidone plus a wicked rocker courtesy of the world’s top art thief, the notorious and excellent Myles Connor! This set includes five unissued rippers, baby! See why the Boston Globe raved that the rumble and roar of THE RAGING TEENS are as good as most of the music that came out of Memphis!” Pass the chowder and rotate that volume dial all the way to the right!”

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  • Patterson Bobby - Soul Is My Music-The Complete Jetstar Recordings 1965-1970 2CD (CD)


    When Sundazed purchased the Abnak/Jetstar masters, we discovered a cache of unissued recordings by the dynamic soul singer Bobby Patterson. Included in this specially-priced, comprehensive two-disc mother lode of vintage soul is every recording Bobby released on the Abnak and Jetstar labels from 1965-1970, along with nine previously unissued tracks! * previously unissued

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  • Cash Johnny - American IV: The Man Comes Around CD + Bonus DVD (CD)


    Uusi versio Johnnyn viimeisestä hänen elämän aikana julkaistusta levystä ! Mukana bonus DVD, jossa haastatteluita ja musiikkivideo HURT!

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  • Brooks Hadda - Blue & Boogie:The Empress Of The Torch Blues (CD)


    The Queen Of Boogie appears on big neon lights playing main role for the magical mix of Swing, Boogie and Blues that shook the 40`s. This CD focuses on her delicious ambiguity in her classic Modern and Okeh recordings (1945-1952)….

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  • Various - Pounds Of Soul-Modern Records (CD)


    Here is the rougher side of Kent/Modern’s 60s and early 70s soul output. Simple and emotive black American music

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