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  • Cash Johnny - At Folsom Prison (Legacy edition) 2CD + DVD (Käytetty CD)


    Uusi versio! Mukana paljon ennenjulkaisemattomia biisejä (*)! Sekä upea dokumentti DVD itse konsertista ja tapahtumasta.

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  • Presley Elvis - `68 Comeback Special 3DVD Boxset (DVD)


    Elviksen vuoden 1968 Comeback special kolmen DVD:n boxina!! Boxi sisältää kaiken matsun mikä kuvattiin ohjelmaa varten, eli ne kaksi legendaarista konserttia ja jami sessiota nyrkkeily kehässä” mustaan nahka-asuun pukeutuneena. Sekä tietysti ohjelmaa varten tehdyt muut nauhoitukset esim. If I Can Dream, Let Yourself Go, Gospel Medley, Little Egypt… Yli 7 tuntia Elvistä ja n. 80 biisiä.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Fun In Acapulco (1963) – Rytmiä ja Riemua Acapulcossa (DVD)


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    Starring: Elvis Presley, Ursula Andress Director: Richard Thorpe
    Encoding: Region 2
    Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby

    Studio: Paramount Home Video DVD Features: Widescreen anamorphic

    In 1963 Elvis could still be energized by the music in his movies, and the production values hadn’t yet descended to budget-crunching level. Thus the breezy pleasure of Fun in Acapulco, which sees the pelvis-swinger coming to life for a rousing Bossa Nova Baby” and a clutch of faux-Mexican tunes. Nice scenery of the fabled resort, but the movie has a strange disconnect (which becomes weirdly fascinating if you keep track of it): Elvis himself is limited to standing and singing in front of rear-projection Mexican vistas, while his hard-working double bicycles down streets, strides across beaches, etc. The newly hot Ursula Andress keeps Elvis and his double company. Elvis’s jobs are among his craziest movie gigs: he begins as a deckhand, is hired as a nightclub entertainer/lifeguard, but is revealed to be a trapeze artist in his former life. By the end, of course, he is also a cliff diver. –Robert Horton”

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  • Crazy Cavan And The Rhythm Rockers - Rockabilly Rules OK! (DVD)



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  • Presley Elvis - Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) (DVD)


    Myös Suomi teksitys!

    Elvis Presley hits the high seas in this musical comedy. Ted Jackson (Presley) is a former Navy frogman who divides his time between twin careers as a deep sea diver and nightclub singer. Ted discovers what he believes could be a fortune in Spanish gold aboard a sunken ship and sets out to rescue it with the help of go-go dancing yoga expert Jo Symington (Dodie Marshall). However, Gil Carey (Skip Ward) is also after the treasure and uses his girlfriend Dina Bishop (Pat Priest) to foil Ted’s plans. Elvis sings six tunes in this picture, including the deathless ”Yoga Is as Yoga Does” and ”The Love Machine.” ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide



    Not the worst Elvis picture, but not near the top, either. This is the one with Elvis as a Navy frogman, diving for sunken treasure–which means lots of underwater photography (inspired by Thunderball, perhaps?). What’s fun about it is seeing Elvis collide with the summer of love: he falls in with a beatnik buddy (Pat Harrington in a goatee) and meets a commune of artsy hippie types; they stage obscure ”happenings,” and Elvis calls ’em ”kooks.” It says something, though, when the musical highlight is a number called ”Yoga Is as Yoga Does,” staged in Elsa Lanchester’s groovy yoga class. E.P. looks indifferent to the proceedings, an understandable reaction given the painful quality of the comedy (especially the old sea salt who’s never been on water). The red Dodge convertible is sweet, however. –Robert Horton



    In ”Easy Come, Easy Go” Elvis hits the high seas a Lt. (L.G.) Ted Jackson, and underwater demolitions expert who sets out with the skippers’ daughter to find gold in a sunken wreck during his final service dive. Entangled in an action-packed adventure of romance and intrigue, the pair must battle adversaries on land and underwater as they attempt to claim the treasures before their plan is foiled. Featuring the songs ”Love Machine” and the title tune ”Easy Come, Easy Go.”

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  • Various - That`ll Flat Git It Vol 26 – Rockabilly From The Vault Of Four Star Records (Käytetty CD)


    Bear Family’s all-time definitive rockabilly series just keeps going and going. with no diminution

    of quality!

    _ The series started in 1992 and now we’re up to 26 volumes of all-time classic rockabilly organized

    by label!

    _ This time, it’s the 4 Star label out of California.

    _ The liner notes are written by award winning journalist Colin Escott. _ 4 Star Records started in 1945 and was still going strong in the rockabilly era. Several all-time bona-fide rockabilly

    classics made their first appearance on the label. like Sammy Masters’ Pink Cadillac and Carl Belew’s 24 Hour Night.

    And we catch some old-time country guys trying to get with it, like T. Texas Tyler’s Shake ’Em Up Rock. 4 Star also gave

    birth to some early rockabilly like Arkie Shibley’s Hot Rod Race and the Maddox Bros. & Rose’s New Step It Up And Go.

    It’s all here. Thirty fabulous tracks where the bop never stops. As usual, there’s incredible sound quality, fanatically

    detailed liner notes, and rare photos.

    After fifteen years, we’re still reissuing the very finest in rockabilly. At this rate, the the very last CD ever issued on planet

    earth might be another That’ll Flat Git It volume! Got one. gotta have them all!

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  • Guy Buddy - Breaking Out (CD)



    It was 1980. Buddy Guy was still out there in the career doldrums. Not starving – certainly not starving, but not accorded his due either by the mainstream music business or those people in the hardcore blues scene who, incredibly, loved to criticize him. The previous year he had recorded the ’Live At The Checkerboard’ album (JSP8808) for me – a classic, seminal affair full of deep, deep blues and the most incredible performances you could possibly want. So, here we are. Time booked at Chicago’s Sound Studios. What would he do’ Well, not the expected that’s for sure. This one is a true one-off – an album that confused everyone at the time but now makes perfect sense. It was a ’dry run’ for stuff he would do when he got the (next) big break and was making records for a big, rock-orientated audience again. But those later sets never had this intensity, this hunger, this danger – this sheer cry of frustrated pain. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable listening and sometimes it’s just sweet natural blues but you will never understand Buddy guy without understanding this album. And some bonus tracks are here from brother Phil Guy. Why was this man never taken up by an American label, never had the exposure that he deserved’ One listen to these tracks from a session cut in 1981 with Buddy guesting will show that this was a musician of power, talent, depth and wide experience. Some of the most powerful shows I ever saw in my life were when I was touring Phil regularly in England in the 1980’s. When so much that is labeled ’blues’ these days is nothing more than bar room rock, Phil’s lack of exposure on the wider market was a tragedy. JOHN STEDMAN

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  • Callicot Joe - Ain’t a Gonna Lie to You (LP)


    AIN’T A GONNA LIE TO YOU is the first ever VINYL release of Joe Callicott’s recordings made by George Mitchell in 1967. The recordings on this album is the last that Callicott made, and show the man at the top of his game: palying pure country blues, acoustic and unaccompanied. This is an essential record that belongs in the home of every blues fan.

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  • Cadillacs - Rock! (Käytetty CD)


    Mahtavaa ROCKS sarjaa! Suoraan masternauhoilta ja parhailla soundeilla! Mukana upea kirjanen Bear Familyn tyyliin! Yksi vuoden parhaista retro-julkaisuista!

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  • Roomates - Lost on Belmont Avenue (CD)


    Englantilaisryhmän uusi albumi. Doo woppia Dionin tyyliin.

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  • Steeldrivers - Same (CD)


    Via eleven original songs, their self-titled Debut album offers revealing new takes on classic themes of redemption and loss, hope and home delivered with urgency and heart: where back-country high-lonesome collides with Delta soul, resulting in the freshest sound to emerge from Music City in recent memory.

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  • Lewis Smiley - I Hear You Knocking (Analogue Limited Edition,180 gram) (LP)


    As the New Orleans R&B sound developed rapidly during the early ’50s, so did Lewis. He scored his first national hit in 1952 with ”The Bells Are Ringing,” but enjoyed his biggest sales in 1955 with the exultant ”I Hear You Knocking” (its immortal piano solo courtesy of Huey Smith.

    Dave Bartholomew has often been quoted to the effect that Smiley Lewis was a ”bad luck singer,” because he never sold more than 100,000 copies of his Imperial singles. In retrospect, Lewis was a lucky man in many respects — he enjoyed stellar support from New Orleans’ ace sessioneers at Cosimo’s, benefited from top-flight material and production (by Bartholomew), and left behind a legacy of marvelous Crescent City R&B. We’re lucky he was there, that’s for sure.

    Born with the unwieldy handle of Overton Lemons, Lewis hit the Big Easy in his mid-teens, armed with a big, booming voice and some guitar skills. He played clubs in the French Quarter, often with pianist Tuts Washington (and sometimes billed as ”Smiling” Lewis).In front of the Crescent City’s hottest players (saxists Lee Allen, Clarence Hall, and Herb Hardesty usually worked his dates), Lewis roared like a lion.Strangely, Fats Domino fared better with some of Smiley Lewis’ tunes than Lewis did (”Blue Monday” in particular). Similarly, Elvis Presley cleaned up the naughty ”One Night” and hit big with it, but Lewis’s original had already done well in 1956. By then, stomach cancer was eating the once-stout singer up. He died in the autumn of 1966, all but forgotten outside his New Orleans home base.
    The ensuing decades have rectified that miscarriage of justice, however. Smiley Lewis’ place as one of the greatest New Orleans R&B artists of the 1950s is certainly assured.

    It’s magnificent, exuberant R&B, and deserved a much better national fate than it enjoyed.

    Bill Dahl/AMG

    Collective personnel includes:
    Smiley Lewis: vocal, guitar / Dave Bartholemew: trumpet / Lee Allen, Herb Hardesty, Alvin “Red” Tyler: tenor saxophones / Clarence Ford: baritone saxophone / Salvador Doucette, Edward Frank, Joe Robichaux, Huey Smith: piano / Justin Adams, Edgar Blanchard, Ernest McLean: guitar / Frank Fields: bass / George French: bass guitar / Robert French, Earl Palmer, Charles “Hungry” Williams: drums.

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