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  • Smith Mack Allen - Gotta Rock Tonight (Käytetty CD)


    1959-79 with 16 page booklet. Multi label collection incl. THE UNRELEASED SUN recordings from 1959.

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  • Presley Elvis - How Great Thou Art 2CD Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    HOW GREAT THOU ART is a 2-DISC SET in the CLASSIC ALBUM series. Originally released in 1967, it was Elvis’ second Gospel album.
    The original album featured a collection of thirteen sacred songs including the hit single CRYING IN THE CHAPEL”.

    In addition to the masters, it features many great outtakes. The 7″ inch digi-pack format features a 12-page booklet with great photographs and RARE memorabilia.

    Elvis Presley – vocals; piano on 2008 reissue bonus track ”You’ll Never Walk Alone”
    The Jordanaires – vocals
    The Imperials – vocals
    Millie Kirkham – vocals
    Dolores Edgin – vocals
    June Page – vocals
    Boots Randolph – saxophone
    Rufus Long – saxophone
    Scotty Moore – guitar
    Chip Young – guitar
    Charlie McCoy – guitar, bass, harmonica
    Pete Drake – pedal steel guitar
    Floyd Cramer – piano
    David Briggs – piano, organ
    Henry Slaughter – piano, organ
    Bob Moore – double bass
    Henry Strzelecki – double bass
    D. J. Fontana – drums, tambourine
    Buddy Harman – drums, timpani

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  • Florence Joelle`s Kiss Of Fire - EP (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    Florence Joelle, the songstress with a style all her own and a subconscious colonised by vintage American tunes, sings of things that go bump in the night. While their inspiration draws from the past, they have carved out a sound that lives in the present, bringing their own slant to the likes of Chick Webb’s ’40s reefer blues ’When I Get Low I Get High’, and the ’50s R&B staple ’Unchain My Heart’. Of Joelle’s own compositions, ’Stardust Merchant’ echoes early jazz standards and the melodrama of the post-war French songbook, whilst her ’Watermelon Gin’ is a wistful, calypso-tinged serenade to love lost. Limited edition 500 copies ONLY. PRESS QUOTES The future’s retro, as Vic 20 once said. Florence Joelle’s songs are reminiscent of 40’s reefer blues with a ’subconscious colonised by vintage American tunes and things that go bump in the night’. Yet the music is also curiously contemporary. Enjoy!” Scaledown – Resonance FM ”A must for those who are willing to go ’out there’ in rock’n’roll terms.” UK Rock’n’Roll ”A voice somewhere between Peggy Lee and Edith Piaf and a band that fuses rockabilly with every other sound possible. A most highly entertaining mix.” N Nörgel, Wasser-Prawda.de ”Link Wray meets Peggy Lee with a Gallic spice. Fabulous and highly entertaining”.”

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  • Bosshoss - Low Voltage CD+DVD (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Käytetty CD)


    Kaikki loistavat Bosshoss biisit uudelleen äänitettynä suuren orkesterin kanssa. Todella upea paketti! Mukana myös LIVE DVD suurella orkesterilla. YKSI VUODEN 2010 PARHAISTA ALBUMEISTA!!

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  • Turner Ike - That Kat Sure Could Play! The Singles 1951 To 1957 (4CD Box) (CD)


    Every one of these 118 tracks features Ike Turner on guitar, piano &/or vocals. Includes the original Rock and Roll song Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston as well as tracks by BB King, Howling Wolf, Elmore James, and Johnny Ace to name a few.

    Includes 16 p.booklet & 16 p.discography.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis On Tour (Blu-Ray) EU (Blu-Ray)


    Vihdoinkin myös EUROOPPA VERSIO! Erona USA versioon ainoastaan se että tässä ei ole mukana 40 sivuista kirjasta!! Odotettu dokumentti elokuva v. 1972! Nyt paremmalla kuvanlaadulla kuin ikinä, ja parhaillla mahdollisilla soundeilla! NYT EUROOPPA VERSIO ja Suomi tekstitys! 15 cities. 15 nights. Catch him if you can! The show is over but the fans cry out for what every Elvis Presley fan wants. More! Then, an announcer speaks the words the packed house doesn’t want to hear: ’Elvis has left the building’. But what an incredible show lingers in minds and hearts. Elvis on Tour is the Golden Globe-winning Best Documentary chronicle of Presley’s whirlwind 15-cities/15-nights 1972 tour. They are nights to remember, paced here with more than 25 numbers that embrace the rocker Elvis, the gospel Elvis, the ballad Elvis, even the kung-fu Elvis. In between tour stops come more moments to treasure–montage sequences (supervised by Martin Scorsese) showcasing Presley’s early career and movies. More!

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  • Matchbox - Same (aka Rockabilly Rebel) + Bonus (CD)



    First time on CD for the first LP on Magnet by Rockabilly Rebels Matchbox. It follows LPs on Rockhouse and Chiswick and was originally released in 1979 and became a UK No.44 hit. Includes the British chart singles Rockabilly Rebel (No.18, 12 weeks) and Buzz Buzz A Diddle It (No.22, 8 weeks). Rockabilly Rebel also hit No.17 in Germany with Buzz Buzz A Diddle It reaching No.45.

    Now comes with four rare bonus tracks also making their debut on CD including two issued under the name of Cyclone Completely re-mastered by Tim Turan.

    Booklet contains original LP artwork, pictures of all relevant singles and in-depth liner notes by Phil Hendriks Still going strong with their hit making line to this very day, Matchbox perform regularly across mainland Europe—

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  • Presley Elvis - King Creole – The Music BOOK & CD (Kirjat)


    Kirja ja CD Elviksen parhaasta elokuvasta. Upea yli 200 sivuinen kirja King Creole elokuvasta ja sessioista. Sekä mukana CD, jossa kaikki löydetty materiaalia King Creole elokuvasta. BIISIT 1-11 Alkuperäinen (1958) soundtrack elokuvasta, BIISIT 12-19 Eriotoksia ja elokuvaversioita. KÄYTETTY KIRJA/USED BOOK.

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  • Teddy & The Tigers - Burn It Up (180 gram) (Käytetty LP/12)


    Uusintajulkaisu vanhasta klassikosta !! Rajoitettu painos !

    Burn It Up julkaistiin Poko Rekordsin neljäntenä albumina jo marraskuussa 1978. Sen äänitykset Microvoxilla oli aloitettu jo ennen ensimmäisen pitkäsoittolevyn julkaisua. Tuottajina toimivat manageri Heimonen ja Richard Stanley. Stanley teki myös albumin omien kappaleiden sanoitukset, mukana kappaleiden teossa oli myös Hillel Tokazier. Levy nousi listaykköseksi ja se sai kultalevyn alkuvuodesta 1979.

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  • Aron - Same (Käytetty CD)


    Aronin repertuaari koostuu rock’n rollista, iskelmä-rockista sekä viihdemusiikin klassikoista. Aron tunnetaan tyylikkäänä Elvis-tulkkina. Hänen Elvis-show on ollut suosittu ohjelmanumero erilaisissa tilaisuuksissa ja konserteissa Suomessa sekä ulkomailla. Aronin albumi sisältää useita Elviksen tunnetuksi tekemiä kappaleita suomenkielisinä versioina. Mukana single Sä ihmeitä teet”, joka sai hyvän vastaanoton radioissa ja viihtyi useita viikkoja Tätä Suomi tanssii -listalla. Levyllä soittavat mm. Kuja Salmi, Marko Haavisto ja Jyrki Telilä. www.aron.fi.”

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  • Cline Patsy - Sweet Dreams : Her Complete Decca Masters (1960-1963) 2CD (CD)


    AIVAN TÄYDELLINEN TUPLA-ALBUMI! MAAILMAN PARAS NAISKANTRI ARTISTI! JA MITÄ BIISEJÄ, JA MITKÄ SOUNDIT! In 1960, after five years of recording with 4 Star (distributed via Decca Records), Patsy Cline signed directly to Decca Records and producer Owen Bradley. Bradley was already producing Patsy’s recordings, but was limited by 4 Star’s insistence on dominating the copyrights of the songs she was recording. Owen and Patsy immediately looked more broadly for material, and their first three song session under the new contract instantly produced gold in I Fall To Pieces,” her first Country #1 and her first charting recording in almost three years.

    The next year also produced her classic ”Crazy,” which reached #2, and ”She’s Got You,” her second #1, and Patsy Cline’s star has shown brightly ever since. All she needed was the right material, and Owen Bradley and Decca provided it. Unfortunately, that illustrious combination only was to last until Patsy died in a plane crash at age 30 in March 1963. By then, she had recorded the 51 masters on this new collection, and these 51 tracks have become the crown jewels in this country Queen’s recorded legacy. From standards to country classics, from Cole Porter and Irving Berlin to Willie Nelson and Hank Williams, the songs, Bradley’s full-bodied productions, and Patsy’s performances shine throughout.

    The great remastered music is elaborated on by a series of remarkable period photos and insightful liner notes by Colin Escott.”

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  • Guy Buddy - D.J. Play My Blues (CD)


    There are guitar players. There are great guitar players. And then there is Buddy Guy.

    He simply transcends genre and musical barriers. Is he not just the best guitar player on the planet’ Inventive… fleet fingered… imaginative… exciting and ’dangerous’. He’s no slouch either as singer and songwriter (some of his very best of which is on this album).

    This album was cut in 1981. It was the third in a trio of JSP Buddy Guy albums. It’s felt by many to be the best he’s ever done – indeed, it’s even been convincingly argued that it’s better than any other blues album ever recorded. It just has so much. Loads of that amazing guitar – Buddy cuts loose on every track with no concession to ’commerciality’ or ’radio friendly’ – some great new songs and a cooking band with brother Phil and a superbly recorded ’toughness’ to the sound. Why did Buddy record for the then little old JSP’ Simple, label boss John Stedman phoned him and asked him. It was in one of those troughs when the obliteration of the Blues is confidently predicted. Crap then and crap now. But while we’re waiting for the ’Next Big Thing’ in the Blues world (and he or she is certainly out there somewhere) it’s Buddy Guy’s time in the limelight and never more deserved.

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  • Riley Billy Lee - Rock With Me Baby (CD)


    Uusintapainos 2010 julkaistusta kokoelmasta.

    2010 collection from one of Rockabilly’s toughest, edgiest singers. This release compiles a variety of the great Rock ’n’ Roll/Rockabilly recordings he made for Sun Records between 1956 and 1960, including Riley’s biggest hits as well as a host of tunes that missed the charts but match his signature songs for infectious energy. Every effort has been made to replicate the incredible vibrancy of the original Sun records.

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  • Various - Phil Spector Early Productions (Käytetty CD)


    CD Description:

    * Ace’s producer-based series continues with a bumper 28-track collection devoted to the most famous record producer there ever was, the one and only Phil Spector. The set focuses on the legendary eccentric’s early work, with all titles drawn from the 1958 to early 1963 timeframe.

    * Half of the selections are making their CD debut. These include `Nights Of Mexico’ by Russell Byrd (the recording alias of songwriter-producer Bert Berns), two titles by Bobby Sheen (soon to reach the Top 10 under Spector’s guidance as the lead vocalist of Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans) and both sides of an ultra rare 45 by Terry Day (aka Terry Melcher, the son of Doris Day). More familiar hits by the Paris Sisters, Curtis Lee and Gene Pitney are also featured.

    * The set contains the first record Spector ever made, `Don’t You Worry My Little Pet’ by his own group the Teddy Bears, taped in ’58 at the fabled Gold Star studio in Los Angeles, the scene of many of his future triumphs. Soon realising the spotlight wasn’t for him, Spector then set about building himself a career as a producer. Before long he had inveigled his way into Leiber & Stoller’s inner circle at Atlantic Records in New York, where late in 1961 he launched his own label, Philles. But that’s another story. Meanwhile, this is where it all began for the would-be genius…

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