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  • Francine - Trouble CDEP (Käytetty CD)


    Neljän biisin Trouble-ep! Ep:ltä löytyy Francinen rokkaavat cover-versiot biiseistä Trouble (Pink, Shakin Stevens), Tainted Love ja Red Cadillac And Black Moustache (Warren Smith)! Tietysti lätyllä on myös Francinen oma uusi biisi Big Wheels, joka laittaa isojen pyörien lisäksi sukat ja kellohameet pyörimään!

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  • Turner Ike - That Kat Sure Could Play! The Singles 1951 To 1957 (4CD Box) (CD)


    Every one of these 118 tracks features Ike Turner on guitar, piano &/or vocals. Includes the original Rock and Roll song Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston as well as tracks by BB King, Howling Wolf, Elmore James, and Johnny Ace to name a few.

    Includes 16 p.booklet & 16 p.discography.

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  • Presley Elvis - King Creole – The Music BOOK & CD (Kirjat)


    Kirja ja CD Elviksen parhaasta elokuvasta. Upea yli 200 sivuinen kirja King Creole elokuvasta ja sessioista. Sekä mukana CD, jossa kaikki löydetty materiaalia King Creole elokuvasta. BIISIT 1-11 Alkuperäinen (1958) soundtrack elokuvasta, BIISIT 12-19 Eriotoksia ja elokuvaversioita. KÄYTETTY KIRJA/USED BOOK.

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  • Aron - Same (Käytetty CD)


    Aronin repertuaari koostuu rock’n rollista, iskelmä-rockista sekä viihdemusiikin klassikoista. Aron tunnetaan tyylikkäänä Elvis-tulkkina. Hänen Elvis-show on ollut suosittu ohjelmanumero erilaisissa tilaisuuksissa ja konserteissa Suomessa sekä ulkomailla. Aronin albumi sisältää useita Elviksen tunnetuksi tekemiä kappaleita suomenkielisinä versioina. Mukana single Sä ihmeitä teet”, joka sai hyvän vastaanoton radioissa ja viihtyi useita viikkoja Tätä Suomi tanssii -listalla. Levyllä soittavat mm. Kuja Salmi, Marko Haavisto ja Jyrki Telilä. www.aron.fi.”

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  • Cline Patsy - Sweet Dreams : Her Complete Decca Masters (1960-1963) 2CD (CD)


    AIVAN TÄYDELLINEN TUPLA-ALBUMI! MAAILMAN PARAS NAISKANTRI ARTISTI! JA MITÄ BIISEJÄ, JA MITKÄ SOUNDIT! In 1960, after five years of recording with 4 Star (distributed via Decca Records), Patsy Cline signed directly to Decca Records and producer Owen Bradley. Bradley was already producing Patsy’s recordings, but was limited by 4 Star’s insistence on dominating the copyrights of the songs she was recording. Owen and Patsy immediately looked more broadly for material, and their first three song session under the new contract instantly produced gold in I Fall To Pieces,” her first Country #1 and her first charting recording in almost three years.

    The next year also produced her classic ”Crazy,” which reached #2, and ”She’s Got You,” her second #1, and Patsy Cline’s star has shown brightly ever since. All she needed was the right material, and Owen Bradley and Decca provided it. Unfortunately, that illustrious combination only was to last until Patsy died in a plane crash at age 30 in March 1963. By then, she had recorded the 51 masters on this new collection, and these 51 tracks have become the crown jewels in this country Queen’s recorded legacy. From standards to country classics, from Cole Porter and Irving Berlin to Willie Nelson and Hank Williams, the songs, Bradley’s full-bodied productions, and Patsy’s performances shine throughout.

    The great remastered music is elaborated on by a series of remarkable period photos and insightful liner notes by Colin Escott.”

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  • Guy Buddy - D.J. Play My Blues (CD)


    There are guitar players. There are great guitar players. And then there is Buddy Guy.

    He simply transcends genre and musical barriers. Is he not just the best guitar player on the planet’ Inventive… fleet fingered… imaginative… exciting and ’dangerous’. He’s no slouch either as singer and songwriter (some of his very best of which is on this album).

    This album was cut in 1981. It was the third in a trio of JSP Buddy Guy albums. It’s felt by many to be the best he’s ever done – indeed, it’s even been convincingly argued that it’s better than any other blues album ever recorded. It just has so much. Loads of that amazing guitar – Buddy cuts loose on every track with no concession to ’commerciality’ or ’radio friendly’ – some great new songs and a cooking band with brother Phil and a superbly recorded ’toughness’ to the sound. Why did Buddy record for the then little old JSP’ Simple, label boss John Stedman phoned him and asked him. It was in one of those troughs when the obliteration of the Blues is confidently predicted. Crap then and crap now. But while we’re waiting for the ’Next Big Thing’ in the Blues world (and he or she is certainly out there somewhere) it’s Buddy Guy’s time in the limelight and never more deserved.

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  • Riley Billy Lee - Rock With Me Baby (CD)


    Uusintapainos 2010 julkaistusta kokoelmasta.

    2010 collection from one of Rockabilly’s toughest, edgiest singers. This release compiles a variety of the great Rock ’n’ Roll/Rockabilly recordings he made for Sun Records between 1956 and 1960, including Riley’s biggest hits as well as a host of tunes that missed the charts but match his signature songs for infectious energy. Every effort has been made to replicate the incredible vibrancy of the original Sun records.

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  • Various - Phil Spector Early Productions (Käytetty CD)


    CD Description:

    * Ace’s producer-based series continues with a bumper 28-track collection devoted to the most famous record producer there ever was, the one and only Phil Spector. The set focuses on the legendary eccentric’s early work, with all titles drawn from the 1958 to early 1963 timeframe.

    * Half of the selections are making their CD debut. These include `Nights Of Mexico’ by Russell Byrd (the recording alias of songwriter-producer Bert Berns), two titles by Bobby Sheen (soon to reach the Top 10 under Spector’s guidance as the lead vocalist of Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans) and both sides of an ultra rare 45 by Terry Day (aka Terry Melcher, the son of Doris Day). More familiar hits by the Paris Sisters, Curtis Lee and Gene Pitney are also featured.

    * The set contains the first record Spector ever made, `Don’t You Worry My Little Pet’ by his own group the Teddy Bears, taped in ’58 at the fabled Gold Star studio in Los Angeles, the scene of many of his future triumphs. Soon realising the spotlight wasn’t for him, Spector then set about building himself a career as a producer. Before long he had inveigled his way into Leiber & Stoller’s inner circle at Atlantic Records in New York, where late in 1961 he launched his own label, Philles. But that’s another story. Meanwhile, this is where it all began for the would-be genius…

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  • Various - Listen to the Voices: Sly Stone in the Studio 1965-1970 (Käytetty CD)


    CD Description:

    * Ace finally present a sequel to the much-loved, decade-old compilation of Sly Stone’s pre-fame productions, Precious Stone: Sly Stone In The Studio 1963-65″.

    * ”Listen To The Voices: Sly Stone In The Studio 1965-70” carries on a chronological path, covering not only the earliest recordings of the Family Stone but also the various outside productions this remarkable musician dabbled in, whilst simultaneously topping the charts with his inimitable blend of rock, soul and funk in the late 1960s.

    * The package includes all the singles written and produced by Sly under his Stone Flower Productions umbrella. The material by Joe Hicks, 6IX and Little Sister (featuring Sly’s sisters Vaetta and Tiny) is in the same idiosyncratic style that made the Family Stone a household name.

    * ”Listen To The Voices” also features fascinating and previously unheard stops along the way in Sly’s journey toward success, such as early collaborations with Billy Preston and the Beau Brummels, and pre-Family Stone recordings by Freddie & The Stone Souls, featuring Freddie Stone and Greg Errico.

    * The package also benefits from fresh, in-depth research into the Family Stones formative years, including unprecedented commentary upon the contents from Sly himself.”

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  • Vaughan Stevie Ray And Double Trouble - The Things He Used To Do (Käytetty CD)


    Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec, August 17, 1984, Early Show. PREFM source originally recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour.

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  • Earle Justin Townes - Harlem River Blues (Digipak) (Käytetty CD)


    ”KANTRISTA BLUESIN KAUTTA KOUKATEN ROCKABILLYYN! Justin Townes Earle’s previous records were promising if uneven recordings that revealed a considerable talent trying to find a unique musical identity as a songwriter apart from his parental heritage. It may have taken him three albums, but Harlem River Blues delivers in spades what his earlier offerings hinted at. With co-production by Earle and Skylar Wilson and the backing of a killer, intuitive band, the songwriter drops 11 weighty originals steeped in American musical tradition yet bearing his own inimitable lyric and stylistic signature. The title track is an electrifying rockabilly-cum-truck-driving shuffle adorned by slapping bass, guitars, snare and cymbal, and a Hammond B-3. Despite the upbeat tempo and finger-popping rhythmic thrust, Earle’s lyrics reveal the protagonist’s intention to commit suicide by drowning. With a country gospel vocal chorus complete with handclaps on the refrains, the lyrics and music are intriguingly at odds; somehow the sense of near gleeful purpose in the protagonist’s view — revealing a sense of relief at the prospect of release from this plane of existence — makes the tune gell. On the breezy summertime groove of ”One More Night in Brooklyn,” the Tennessee backwoods meets the urban street corner, led by guitars, a skeletal drum kit, Wilson’s vibes, and a popping upright bass. ”Move Over Mama” is a scorching rockabilly-and-reverb number, full of erotic bravado à la Warren Smith or Billy Lee Riley. (And does that bass ever get slapped!) ”Wanderin'” captures the spirit of early Bob Dylan under the influence of Cisco Houston and Woody Guthrie, but the lyrics and sense of necessity and acceptance of the situation at hand are pure Earle. With a country fiddle added to the mix, you can also hear traces of early string bands and even the ghostly presence of A.P. Carter in the refrains. The horns on ”Slippin’ and Slidin’ marry the late Eddie Hinton’s brand of Muscle Shoals R&B to laid-back country rockabilly. The narrative love song ”Christchurch Woman” is among the moving things here; Earle’s vocal is underscored by a female backing chorus and organic instrumentation that also includes beautifully arranged horns — as if Tom Waits’ ”Downtown Train” or ”Jersey Girl” were filtered through Memphis R&B and Waylon Jennings’ early-’60s country. ”Ain’t Waitin'” is a rockabilly blues, so skeletal it could be played on the back porch. Anyway you cut it, Harlem River Blues is utterly balanced, skillfully crafted, and exquisitely written and produced. Earle proves that he is a force to be reckoned with; in these grooves he embodies the history, mystery, and promise of American roots music.”

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