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  • Nekromantix - 3 Decades Of Darkle (2LP, Limited Purple Vinyl) (LP)


    Danish-American Psychobilly heroes NEKROMANTIX celebrate their 30th Anniversary by storming thru a 19-song live set at the Observatory Theater in Santa Ana, California.

    Vinyl companion to the brand new 4K concert film for Danish-American Psychobilly all-stars, Nekromantix, celebrating 30 years of spooky music thrills!

    Recorded live at the Observatory Theater in Santa Ana, CA, this awesome concert finds founder/bassist/vocalist Kim Nekroman leading his bandmates (guitarist Francisco Mesa and drummer Rene D La Muerte) through the band’s glorious nine-album catalog to a sold out audience! Available in a deluxe gatefold 2LP set with GREEN vinyl!

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  • Presley Elvis - Return To Sender…The Summer Of ’76 (Käytetty CD)


    Audionics label is back with its first release of 2019, called ”RETURN TO SENDER… THE SUMMER OF ’76”.

    Elvis first played Hampton Roads, VA on April 9th, 1972, two shows in a day. It was the beginning of his phenomenal April tour and the Hampton Roads evening show was filmed by MGM for the ”Elvis On Tour” documentary. Elvis returned to Hampton Roads Coliseum on March 11th, 1974, and then again in 1976, for two shows on July 31st and August 1st matinee. It was his final appearance there.

    1976 was a special year for the United States of America. The Bicentennial Year, the two-hundredth anniversary of this great nation. Most Americans wanted to show their patriotism in some way. Elvis wanted to spread a positive message about his country throughout this special year, and so he decided to add ”America The Beautiful” to his set-list.

    The August 1st, 1976 concert has often been described as a rather poor Elvis show – not because he was ”out of it” or medicated – but because his voice was far from its best. Admittedly, it is true that his voice sounded tired, a bit hoarse and even flat in places, but still, Elvis did a solid job on several songs and his audience definitely enjoyed the show.

    Nevertheless, there’s no need to deny the fact that Elvis’ vocal was far from perfect. It’s equally obvious that Elvis was aware, too, because he told to his audience almost apologetically, ”We had a late show last night, and I only got two hours of sleep” and ”Good afternoon! God that sounds strange ’good afternoon’… I just got up!” Yup, the August 1st concert was a 2:30pm show, which was unusual as there was no 8:30pm show that day. Actually, the infamous Houston, August 28th, 1976 show was also a 2:30pm matinee, and after these shows, management decided not to program any afternoon shows in the future.

    The Hampton Roads show has one saving grace: Elvis decided to respond to the audience request for ”Return To Sender”, which was an impromptu performance, and a true live rarity. Elvis sings it reasonably well and it was the highlight of the concert.   

    This show was originally released by the ”Fort Baxter” label in 1995 and then re-released by ”Gravel Road Music” label in 2012). ”Gravel Road Music” label used the original Ft. Baxter CD as a source.

    For this ultimate reissue, the Audionics team worked directly from a first generation soundboard tape transfer (RCA tape T0199) and made significant improvements to the audio. Both previous releases suffer from too much of reverb and compression. Audionics was able to work from the unprocessed and complete recording, which gives a more nuanced view of the concert. The original release on Ft. Baxter label was heavily compressed, which made Elvis’ voice sound worse. We’re not saying that this is now a fabulous concert, but the truth has many nuances, and this more natural sounding tape shows that despite some challenges, Elvis did a solid job and entertained the crowd that afternoon.

    Both previous releases were slightly incomplete, a part of Elvis’ introduction of The Stamps was edited out, and the Closing Vamp was faded out very early. Our new release is the first to present this recording 100% complete as recorded, and the Closing Vamp is now also complete, including the after show announcements: certainly proof that we went back to the original tape. Most important, the sound is now far more natural too, and with much better dynamics.

    As a bonus, Audionics decided to add small collection of songs recorded during 1976 Summer tours. Tracks 29 & 30 were previously released on The Final Homecoming” 2CD (by Audionics, 2009), track 31 was released on ”Houston We Have A Problem” CD (again Audionics 2013). All bonus tracks were newly restored and mastered from scratch.

    This CD is presented in 3-panel digipak. Due to the lack of quality photographs from the Hampton Roads concert, great collection of various high quality concert shots from Summer of 1976 has been used.

    So now you have the chance to obtain the ultimate release of the famous ”Return to Sender” concert. This recording never sounded better. It is dynamic, detailed, and in crystal clear sound!

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  • Presley Elvis - Kentucky Rain (Back By Popular Request) (Käytetty CD)


     Sunday, February 22, 1970 Midnight Show, Las Vegas International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
    This year, the ”STRAIGHT ARROW” label team promises to focus especially on the concert years 1969-1972. After the great success of our 1969 release, titled ”ELVIS – STRIKE LIKE LIGHTNING!” (SA/SP 2019-56-02), we’re back again – this time with two great releases from 1970!

    The first CD is titled ”KENTUCKY RAIN” (SA/SP 2019-57-02). The February 22nd, 1970 Midnight show is a previously unreleased concert, taken directly from an original audience recorded master tape. This concert was never available in good sound quality thus far (note: in 2007, the ”SR” label released a so-called February 22nd, 1970 Midnight show on the ”Rock In Black” double CD, but this show was wrongly dated and in fact it was the February 23rd, 1970 Dinner show!)

    The February 22nd, 1970 Midnight show recording is slightly incomplete, missing the last song ”Can’t Help Falling In Love”, so we have included this song in the same good sound, as taken from the February 20th, 1970 Dinner show, to make the concert ”complete” for listeners’ comfort.

    As usual, this release is presented in a de-luxe 6-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, February 1970 and a press review.

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  • Presley Elvis - Love My Teddy Bear Tender (Käytetty CD)


    Recorded live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, September 3rd, 1971, Dinner show While some of Elvis import labels are just re-releasing previously issued and repackaged stuff, the always reliable E. P. Collector label is always looking for something new to release. We are always reaching out to people in order to find new material, and if it’s interesting, we will purchase it, even if the sound is not studio perfect. In recent months we were in touch with a couple of fans who recorded a number of interesting concerts, which now enables us to release two more surprises.

    The first new release is titled ”LOVE MY TEDDY BEAR TENDER” (EPC 2019-22) and it brings us the Las Vegas, September 3rd, 1971 Dinner show. You’ll have to forgive us for the somewhat clumsy title, but maybe you’ll understand when we tell you that it contains a sensational concert rarity! During this concert, he sings ”Love Me Tender” to the tune of ”Teddy Bear”!! He only did this once, during this concert, and now for the first time you can hear this amazing discovery!!! Who would think that we would still be getting surprises like this in 2019?! Concert recordings from ’71 are hard to come by these days, especially unreleased ones. During this season, Elvis was on fire, and his setlist was varied and strong. Near the end of the engagement, his shows were a bit looser, and this one is a real delight.

    This concert recording is a completely new show, even for the hardcore fans. The audio was mastered from an original audience recorded cassette tape. This CD is packaged in a nicely designed digipack with a press review and a collection of images taken in Las Vegas, NV, in August/September 1971.

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  • Presley Elvis - Firing On All Cylinders 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    Between 2007 and 2017, Straight Arrow released no less than 10 concerts from Elvis’ 1972 Summer Festival, on 8 individual releases – More than any other label. In recent times we’ve also released a lot of stuff from the final years, but last year we made the commitment to focus on the 1969 – 1972 period, arguably his best concert years.

    Recently we were able to obtain two excellent vintage tapes from Elvis’ 1972 Summer Season, and it is with some pride that we now present these.
    This release is titled ”FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS” (SA/SP 2019-60-02)… and Elvis truly did during this engagement. The first show is from August 7th, 1972 and this is the show where he performed ”Steamroller Blues” for the first time. The second show is Closing Night from September 4th, and it can easily be called the best show of the entire season. It’s a nice surprise that we are able to include some of the warm-up acts, including Jackie Kahanes’s set, as well as the Sweet Inspiration set. These ladies were smoking H – O – T, and it’s easy to hear why they were considered to me amongst the best female soul groups in the business. As you probably know, they used to work together with Aretha, and The Sweet Inspirations’ performance of her hits is one of the highlights on this disc.  
    We believe that the inclusion of the opening acts will give you a unique perspective of what it was like to experience one of Elvis’ Las Vegas concerts during this period in time.
    The August 7th, 1972 Midnight Show is a previously unreleased concert, taken from a newly obtained original audience recorded tape in surprisingly good quality. This specific tape has not been available previously. There is another recording of this show in circulation on CDR, but the sound quality of that one is poor.
    The September 4th, 1972 Closing show was released by some no-name label back in 2005, from an incomplete source and in very hissy sound (”Walk That Lonesome Road” CD – with the missing song being ”A Big Hunk O’Love”). We have found an alternate source, an original tape which includes the main part of the pre-program by The Sweet Inspirations as well as comedian Jackie Kahane. For the first time we present this great closing show in its complete form, and in the best possible sound quality! 

    This release is presented in a de-luxe 8-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, on August 8th, 1972 (Dinner), September 3rd, 1972 (3am) and September 4th, 1972 Closing shows.

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  • Presley Elvis - Friday Night Lights 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    Our new release is titled ”FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS” (SA/SP 2019-59-02). ”STRAIGHT ARROW” label is continuing to release early 70s concerts and this new release is a direct follow-up to our July release called ”KENTUCKY RAIN” (SA/SP 2019-57-02).

    The Las Vegas, February 20th, 1970 Dinner show was previously released by the ”SR” label in 2015 from an inferior, degraded copying and basically unlistenable source. The show was incomplete with cuts and running way too slow.

    Now you have a chance to listen to this fantastic concert in the best possible quality, for the first time.
    The Las Vegas, February 20th, 1970 Midnight show is previously unreleased and it was never available in good quality and in complete form – until now!   It is one of greatest Elvis shows ever with “Polk Salad Annie” and “Suspicious Minds” being reprised!!

    We decided to add 5 bonus tracks, recorded during the February 21st, 1970 Dinner show. These tracks were never available in decent sound quality either. This recording includes the one-liner of the Pat Boone hit ”When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano.” Unfortunately, no more tracks from this concert were taped.
    All material (incl. the bonus tracks) presented on this release was recorded by same person. This release is presented in a de-luxe 8-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, February 1970 as well as a press review.

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  • Presley Elvis - Like A Greek God 2CD (Käytetty CD)


     Our second release is titled ”LIKE A GREEK GOD” (SA/SP 2019-58-02).
    The September 4th, 1970 Midnight show is a previously unreleased concert, taken from an original audience recorded tape. In 2005, the ”Memory Records” label used 6 tracks from this tape as a bonus for ”The Midnight Hour” CD. Unfortunately, the August 4th, 1970 Midnight show recording is incomplete, missing the last 3 songs. We have decided to add the same songs as taken from the September 5th, 1970 Midnight show to make the show ”complete” for listeners’ comfort.

    The September 7th, 1970 Closing night was released by the ”SR” label in 2008 in very poor, muffled sound, taken from a degraded x-generation copy (the ”September Nights” CD). Once again we have used an original master tape and restored it to crisp, clear perfection. Elvis’ crazy Closing night performance never sounded better – until NOW!

    Both concerts presented on this release were recorded by same person. This release is presented in a de-luxe 8-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, August 1970 and a press review.

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  • Campbell Glen - The Legacy (1971-2017) 4CD boxset (CD)


    The Legacy (1971-2017) features all of your favorite Glen Campbell songs, packaged with a stunning 60-page booklet and new 2019 liner notes.

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  • Make Tapio Memorabilia - Rockin ’ Bones KIRJA + Bonus CD (Kirjat)


    Marko Tapion hurmioitunut rock and roll -vuodatus sotki systeemini.
    Kuinka kukaan voi kirjoittaa rockabillystä ja rhythm & bluesista näin
    sekopäisiä sanaryöppyjä? Ensishokin jälkeen ymmärsin, että kiihkon
    vallassa runoileva nuorimies oli oikeilla jäljillä.” – Pekka Laine
    (The Fanatic IV, Hip Shooters, YLE)

    Make Tapion tekstit olivat kuin Gene Vincentin ensimmäiset
    levytykset: villejä ja vaarallisia, ja varsinkin Suomen oloissa rajoja
    rikkkovia. Maken sanan säilä viilsi hurmokselllisesti kuin Cliff
    Gallupin kitarasoolo.” – Masu Ijas (Pink Thunderbird)

    Marko ”Make” Tapio (1967 – 1991) oli oululainen rock and roll -friikki ja tuottelias kirjoittaja. Maken tekstejä julkaistiin satoja sivuja
    sellaisissa ”alan” pienlehdissä kuin Pink Thunderbird, Too Much Noise ja Blues News.

    Maken muistolle omistettu Rockin’ Bones -kirja kokoaa yhteen näistä jutuista parhaat ja kaivatuimmat – sekä yli 70 sivua ennenjulkaisematonta materiaalia! Kirjassa Maken verbaalisesta ilotulituksesta pääsevät osalliseksi muun muassa Link Wray, Tall Boys, The Cramps, Larry Williams, Don & Dewey, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Thurston Harris, Larry Donn ja monet muut rock’n’rollin, rockabillyn ja r&b:n unohdetut kulttisankarit.

    Rockin’ Bonesin mukana tulee synkassa kirjan juttujen kanssa etenevä 30:n kappaleen cd, ”musiikillinen matka Maken maailmaan”.

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  • Deltas - At Sun Studios (Yellow splatter) (10``LP)

    Four years after their last release the DELTAS are back with a brand new 5-track 10inch (yes, 10 Inch) which they recorded at the legendary SUN Studios in Memphis, TN.
    Well talking about the Deltas is nonsens…a legendary band no more..no less. Started so many moons ago and wrote moder rockin’ history in many ways.
    The band saw many line ups over the decades, featuring Boz Boorer, John Buck, Ricochet Ray Heath, Andy Neal and many more. In 2018 the band wanted to get back to their roots stripped back to what excited the trio in first instance back in 1980 when they created something new!
    .. and so..here it is.. pure DELTAS as it’s best.. pure rockin’ .. so get infected with the Boogie Disease and join the Boogie Train.
    The band does and so you can see them live in 2019 i.e. at the already sold Out Neo-Rockabilly Alldayer, at the Rockabilly Rave and many other Festivals and clubshows…
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  • Deadbeatz - Hangover No. 7 (CD)


    This is a short story about a long beard. A small story about a big incident that formed the style of this band. A tale about two guys with a bass, harmonica, drums, and a singer with the above-mentioned long beard. Two guys on a mission to prove to the world how powerful the blues can be. Teaching their audience ”no guitar player needed”. Many years ago, they once had a guitar player. One night, they were left with no money left to bail him out in that small town. With a number of empty whiskey bottles left in a destroyed hotel room, there was no going back. They were left to their own unique sound. Recording sessions followed that incident on this album.
    Small band with a big sound. No guitar player needed. Let them BLOW YOU AWAY!

    DeadBeatz are:
    David Karlinger blues harp & drums
    Bernie Miller vocal & double bass

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  • Krewmen - The Return (Yellow) (Käytetty LP/12)


    “This is a new song. You can all get yourselves out and buy it in about two months or something“, Tony McMillan announced before playing an unknown „for the first and last time“  song to an enthusiastic audience in Essen, Germany on 10 February, 1996. It was to be their last performance.
    While a video of this “Unknown Song” received quite some attention among Krewmen fans, until recently, nobody knew that a recording has existed in the vaults of Lost Moment Records all this time, including the mysterious song, actually named Make Your Move. The recording proved to be a demo tape and its quality left a lot to be desired. And that’s an understatement.

    Hence, the project was about to be shelved. However, the prospect of an unreleased Krewmen album is too good to be given up upon, right? So off it went to a studio, where hours and hours of painstaking work were invested into rescuing this rare recording, with results anxiously awaited…and expectations exceeded. It’s not an audiophile’s dream but it’s an utter delight given the original sound quality.

    So here it is, The Return by The Krewmen.

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  • Krewmen - Klassic Tracks (LP)


    Ltd. vinyl release of these Rockabilly/Blues tracks before the Krewmen went into the Psychobilly style! Recorded in 1985, now released for the first time on vinyl with the cover artwork of the rare Roll Dem Bones” 12″EP”

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  • Various - She Came From Liverpool! Merseyside Girl Pop 1962-1968 (CD)


    Over the last few years, Ace has built up a series of prime British female pop releases, with individual collections drawn from four of the country’s leading record companies of the 1960s. With this compilation, rather than spotlight a particular company, the focus is on a location: the music hotbed of Merseyside. While male beat groups ruled the Merseyside roost in the ’60s, the area was also home to it’s fair share of female talent. To illustrate the point, here are 25 hand-picked girl-pop artefacts from thereabouts. Liverpool’s pop queen Cilla Black is featured with her two most Merseybeat-oriented tracks, including a terrific version of ’A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues’, the first song she ever recorded at Abbey Road. Guitar-toting cover girls the Liverbirds, who released no records in the UK but were stars in Germany – where their repertoire of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry numbers made them favorites at the Star-Club – also appear twice. The Breakaways, the Vernons Girls and Beryl Marsden – three other acts intrinsically associated with Liverpool – are also featured. Along with a selection of proven fan favorites, the collection contains many lesser-known gems, among them new-to-CD tracks by the Three Bells, Nola York, Tiffany, Lyn Cornell, Cindy Cole and, not least, Samantha Jones, whose hitherto-unreleased-in-any-format ’I Don’t Want To Lose Him’ was recorded with visiting American producer Teddy Randazzo. Read all about these and the other featured artists in the accompanying picture-packed 28-page booklet, which contains a 7,000-word note by compiler Mick Patrick and genre expert Ian Chapman.

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  • Yola - Walk Through Fire (LP)


    Walk Through Fire, the 2019 debut album from Yola, establishes her as the queen of country soul from the first note. The Dan Auerbach-produced album is a contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry of orchestral strings, fiddle, steel, and shimmering tremolo guitars. Walk Through Fire is a career-defining and genre-bending release from one of the most exciting emerging British artists in music today. Yola’s arresting vocals captivate with sincere tales of heartache and loves lost, forgotten, and broken.

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  • Yola - Walk Through Fire (CD)


    Walk Through Fire, the 2019 debut album from Yola, establishes her as the queen of country soul from the first note. The Dan Auerbach-produced album is a contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry of orchestral strings, fiddle, steel, and shimmering tremolo guitars. Walk Through Fire is a career-defining and genre-bending release from one of the most exciting emerging British artists in music today. Yola’s arresting vocals captivate with sincere tales of heartache and loves lost, forgotten, and broken.

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  • James Elmore - Sky is Crying: the Ultimate Collection (3CD) (CD)


    Elmore’s last great recordings occurred in the 1960s when he was signed by New York producer/label-owner Bobby Robinson (Fire, Fury & Enjoy Records). Unlike many of his contemporaries, James seemingly got better as the years progressed.

    These recordings have surfaced on so many different compilations – all with varying levels of sound quality. Fortunately, to make things easier we have this three-disc 58-song box set rounding up at least one extant take of everything Elmore recorded with Robinson at the helm. Along with standards, ”Dust My Broom, ” ”The Sky Is Crying” the classic ”One Way Out, ” the majority of this box set breaks new ground and stands as some of Elmore’s most emotion-laden work. Included our Elmore’s last sessions before his death and several tracks he cut as a session guitarist for Bobby Robinson. On May 24, 1963, James suffered a heart attack, which took his life at the age of 45. The musicians he inspired include The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones are just a few. Of the many musicians that he influenced in the course of their careers.

    In 1980 he was elected into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame, and in 1994 Elmore was inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

    Rollling Stone magazine has placed him in the list of top 30 guitarists of all time!

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  • Movie - Route 66: Kitsch And Mythical (DVD)


    Take a road trip on board an old 1976 AMC Matador Brougham station wagon to investigate the famous Route 66, which is full of interesting stops and historical importance!

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  • Movie - Country Music (A Film By Ken Burns) (Blu-Ray)


    Upea 16 tunnin dokumentti.

    Ken Burns’ eight-part, 16-hour documentary series, COUNTRY MUSIC, chronicles the history of a uniquely American art form, focusing on the biographies of the fascinating characters who created it. More than eight years in the making, the film follows the evolution of country music from its diverse and humble origins as it emerged, by the end of the twentieth century, into a worldwide phenomenon. Filled with memorable musical moments, interviews with more than 80 country music artists, and evocative footage and photographs – it weaves an unforgettable story that is both intimate and sweeping.


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