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  • Presley Elvis - My Happiness / That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (78 rpm/Savikiekot)



    A facsimile / exact reproduction of the acetate containing the first ever recordings by Elvis Presley. Released in a plain brown unsealed sleeve.

    Some copies have the same label, That’s When Your Heartaches Begin, on both sides of record.

    Released for Record Store Day 2015.

    Catalog # from dead wax (not on label)

    Limited edition of 500 copies only!

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  • Rhythm Shakers - Panic (LP)


    Very Limited album! Sain vielä 6 kappaletta suoraan bändiltä!!

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  • Bullet Biters - Demon Mind EP (Limited edition) (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    ”Demon Mind -EP on oululaisen The Bullet Bitersin uusin ja odotettu tuotos. Neljä tiukkaa psychobilly -biisiä sisältävä seiskatuumainen on painettu punaiselle värivinyylille, jonka painos on erittäin rajoitettu, vain 300 kpl! Tämä on kaikin puolin hieno paketti – tiukkaa soittoa ja hienot kannet.

    Kannattaa varata Junglelta oma ”Demon Mind” ajoissa, sillä suurin osa painoksesta sujahtaa maailmalle heti julkaisuhetkellä!”

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  • Presley Elvis - Atlanta, Second Stop (Käytetty CD)


    This cd is entitled Atlanta ,Second Stop, featuring the Omni Coliseum June 29, 1973 8.30 PM Show.

    The June Tour represent the second and last tour of the year, Elvis on tour means Elvis at the top of his possibilities. In the Omni coliseum Elvis performed five shows in the single the tour. The show here presented is the second one…The begin of the 1973 presents an Elvis still at the top, no more a rocking singer, He deliveries with enthusiasm the classic repertoire post-72 ……The year was begun with the glorious Hawaii TV satellite Show and after a pale useless Vegas season, Elvis recuperated from the fatigue, started the first tour of the year in a different mood … the second tour is even better with our man very energetic on stage, full of enthusiasm he sings with power delivering a solid and long show, with the classic repertoire of the 1973 including a incredible “Steaming rolling blues” version, together the really dramatic What Now My Love and the classic Bridge Over Troubled Water. In this specific solid show….. Elvis replaced the classic Bridge Over Troubled Water with the gospel How Great Thou Art and added two nice variation the sensitive Help Me Make It through The Night and the Beatles’ song Something… for the rest is the classic songs line up of the tour……. On stage is an impressive figure in the Orange Sunburst, the rocker attitude still intact, the voice great, the atmosphere enormous, the demand terrific, 17.143 lucky people attended at the show.

    The show is unreleased and complete, here we present the show directly from a first generation copy of a privately-recorded 60-minute cassette. The sound is very good really impressive without doubt one of the best audience recording coming from the specific June tour. We are very proud to give you the opportunity listening with pleasure this solid show. Considering it was taped from the audience in a big hall the audio is incredibly good.. Elvis and overall the band is loud and clear, the sounds is very powerful in very good balanced mix the audience is never too intrusive giving instead the real feeling of the concert.

    Like its predecessors, this new release will be presented in a beautiful four panels digipack with a collection of photos taken during show.. All the photos come from the Steve Rino & Bob Rush book, Elvis June 1973 tour.

    The recording good quality and the superb show give to Atlanta second stop the status of UNIQUE.

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  • Hutto J.B. & His Hawks - Hawk Squat (LP)


    1968 recording by JB Hutto, a passionate, declamatory vocalist and inheritor of the Elmore James bottleneck guitar style whose primal, rough and ready performances could be heard at Chicago s Turner s Lounge at the time.

    Sunnyland Slim guests on piano and organ alongside JB s backing band the Hawks.

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  • Scott Jack - Way To Survive (Käytetty CD)



    It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here! The new Jack Scott album ”Way to Survive” will be released on October 9th, 2015. The album consists of twelve country and rock ’n’ roll songs carefully selected by Jack himself and the Bluelight Records production team. Jack Scott recorded ”Way to Survive” in Finland with the same dream team responsible for the highly acclaimed Hayden Thompson and Mac Curtis albums.

    When Jack Scott first appeared on the rock ’n’ roll scene in the late 1950’s he immediately demonstrated a highly individual and powerful style. His first recordings with a snarling rockabilly attitude in 1957 exhibited a profound country rock synthesis and soon after he hit the charts with the tremendous ballad ”My True Love”. Jack Scott’s principal pop success came with strong ballads like ”What In the World’s Come Over You” and ”Burning Bridges” which were massive hits on both sides of the Atlantic in 1960. It was his ballads that marked Jack Scott’s unique contribution to rock ’n’ roll. They were the slowest, heaviest and gutsiest of the era.

    Born Giovanni Scafone on January 24th 1936 in Windsor, Ontario, Jack Scott signed a recording deal at the age of 21 in 1957 and over the next five years he scored 19 hit singles. Double A-sided single from 1958, ”My True Love” / ”Leroy”, became his first million-seller, with one song peaking at number three and the other at number 11 on the Billboard pop chart. It also became a Top Ten hit in England.

    The biggest follow-ups were ”Goodbye Baby” (1959 #8), ”What In the World’s Come Over You” (1960 #5) and ”Burning Bridges” (1960 #3). One of the most well-known songs of Jack Scott, “The Way I Walk”, was a minor hit for Jack himself but it became a punk rock anthem and was covered in the 1970’s by Robert Gordon and in the 1980’s by The Cramps and was featured in the movie Natural Born Killers.

    Jack Scott sounded tough, like someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Still today Jack Scott continues to vacillate between a cowboy crooner and a rough-edged rocker and he occasionally appears on the rockabilly circuit, still looking and sounding like a man you seriously don’t want to mess with.

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  • Whitey Morgan And The 78`s - Born, Raised & Live From The Flint (CD)


    Recorded Live at The Mashine Shop on November 25th, 2011.

    Superb, old school honky tonk country album in the tradition, Of Ray Wylie Hubbard, D.A. Coe, Waylon,Willie and Jerry Jeff!

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  • Ortega Lindi - Faded Gloryville (LP)


    ’Faded Gloryville isn’t just about music, it’s about anything that brings you down, whether it’s dreams not coming true or relationships not working out, and it’s message is this: you can go to a place where you’re feeling really down about things, but it’s what you do afterwards – do you decide to reside there forever, or do you leave and make the situation better – that matters. You have to travel through Faded Gloryville to get to paradise.’

    -Lindi Ortega

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  • Banane Metalik - Requiem De La Depravatio (Silver) (Käytetty LP/12)


    Uusintapainos. Harvinainen albumi jo tämäkin. Including innersleeve

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  • Gibbons Billy - Perfectamundo (LP)


    ZZ Top – nokkamies Billy Gibbonsin debyyttialbumi sisältää vahvoja kuubalaisvaikutteita. Mukana levyllä mm. rumpali Greg Morrow, New Yorkissa vaikuttava kuubalaisvokalisti Chino Pons, argentiinalaissyntyinen, Puerto-Ricossa vaikuttava kosketinsoittaja Guigi, sekä vokalisti/basisti Alex Garza.
    Mukana mm. bluesmaestro Slim Harpon klassikko ’Got Love If You Want It’, sekä afro-kuubalainen versio Lightnin’ Hopkins – bluesikonista ’Baby Please Don’t Go’.

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  • Neilson Tami - Dynamite! (LP)


    With a soulful voice straight from the golden age of country and rockabilly music, Tami Neilson has been described as ”A red-hot honky-tonker, somewhere between Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson with perhaps just a little bit of Peggy Lee sophistication. ” (-Nick Bollinger, NZ National Radio). Singing her heart out along endless roads and stages, from her days as a young girl in Canada touring with the Neilson Family band, opening for the likes of Johnny Cash, to her full blossoming in New Zealand as a formidable talent in her own right, Tami Neilson has won the Tui Award (New Zealand Grammy) for each of her past four albums. Tami has been awarded the APRA Silver Scroll, New Zealand’s most prestigious music award for excellence in songwriting, for her song ”Walk (Back To Your Arms)”. The award was previously won by Lorde for Royals. Dynamite! Reached #1 on the NZ Music Charts, iTunes Country Charts and the New Zealand Independent Music Chart. Tami is thrilled to finally have the album come out in her home country: ”I am over the moon to finally have my album released where my life and my music originated, the home where my heart is constantly pulled like a magnet, even from the other side of the world. I’ve been hugely blessed to have New Zealand embrace my music and regard it with enough merit to include me among their esteemed musicians, but, have always hoped that someday I’d be heard by the people and the country who made me and shaped me and gave me the confidence to fly in the first place”

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  • Diddley Bo - Have Guitar, Will Travel (180 gram) (LP)


    Vinyl LP repressing.

    Good Lord. Bo Diddley came out with all guns blazing on his floor-rattling romp from 1960, Have Guitar Will Travel. The LP would become a blueprint for SO much great rock ’n’ roll that followed: The Stones covered ”Mona” in 1965, the Masters Apprentices walloped ”Dancing Girl,” the Downliners Sect blasted through ”Nursery Rhyme,” and ”Cops and Robbers” even named one of the baddest mid-’60s UK R&B combos ever! Really… Who in the hell wouldn’t be inspired by hearing this opus that followed on the heels of Bo’s devastating first two albums? Have Guitar Will Travel was packed with the same badass guitar, bolder-than-bold vocals, and trademark Diddley beat that had already made Bo a stone legend and man-among-men.

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  • Various - Rockabilly Rebels Volume 1 (180 gram,Ltd, Yellow) (LP)


    Limited Edition numbered 180 gram yellow colored vinyl LP pressing. As every knows, Sun Records recorded the first Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins records. What many people don’t realize is that Sun Records created an entirely new genre of music, ”Rockabilly.” Rockabilly became the major evolution in the Sun sound. Lyrically it was bold; musically it was sparse; but it moved. In the 1950’s, Country music rarely used drums that were so vital to Jazz, Blues and jump bands. In fact, drums were prohibited on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. However, Rockabilly drums played an essential role in driving teens across the nation to become enamored with the Rockabilly movement and the revolutionary Sun sound. Inherent in the music of Sun is a vibrancy that survives to this day. Sincere, passionate music. Music that has stood the test of time. It is music that has reached across race, age and gender boundaries. It reflects the diversity and vision of it’s founder, Sam Phillips and the talent that recorded on the Sun label that helped shape American culture. Rockabilly Rebels is a limited numbered edition vinyl album compilation of Sun Rockabilly classics as well as more obscure tracks. One thing is for sure; classic or obscure… these songs rock!!

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  • Presley Elvis - The Man From Memphis 2CD (CD)


    6th and last volume of Straight Arrow’s FROM THE RICK RENNIE MASTERTAPES series – a double-digipak CD release, called ”THE MAN FROM MEMPHIS”, featuring the May 13th 3am 1973 and Portland, November 26th, 1976 shows.

    Every great story have its beginning and the end. With this special release, we conclude our „Rick Rennie recordings“ series. We are delighted with the good feedback and excellent reviews that this series has received thus far. And it has been a pleasure to give Rick’s recordings new life, attention and care that they deserve.

    Technically, Lake Tahoe show is one of Rick’s finest recordings. Yes we are aware that FTD label released a soundboard of this highly unusual concert back in 2003, but we feel that this tape is very much listenable and definitely more atmospheric, compared with rather sterile soundboard that they put out. Additionally, Rick’s recording captured moments from this show that are not on the soundboard, including the reprise of the 2001 Theme and the second Closing vamp.

    The Portland ’76 show was the last one captured by Rick. A lot had happened in the three years between the shows on this release, but the Portland concert is actually a pretty decent one for the time. Elvis had lost some weight since the previous tour, he was in good voice, and he seemed a little more upbeat at these shows, though he still looked tired in photos.

    Without guys like Rick Rennie, we would be missing many interesting pieces of the Elvis story. Rick had the foresight to capture the excitement of Elvis in concert, and his body of work deserves a place in the collection of every serious Elvis scholar.

    As with every Straight Arrow’s upgrade, this beautifully designed double-digipak edition is limited to 500 copies. If you have enjoyed previous five volumes of the „FROM THE RICK RENNIE MASTER TAPES“ series, you cannot go wrong with our ”MAN FROM MEMPHIS” set!

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