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  • Brains - Same (Käytetty CD)



    For the the past seven years, Montreal’s psychobilly horror-punk outfit THE BRAINS, have been terrorizing unsuspecting audiences worldwide with their dastardly and mordid mix of 50’s rock n’ roll, country and old school punk rock. Fronted by undead latin lotherio slash axeman Rene d la Muerte, The Brains round out their unholy posse with beer-chugging, standup bass-slappin Johnny Montreal and the gravedigging, drum-pounding rhythm stylings of Franck O’ Brains.

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  • Bosshoss - Stallion Battalion (Special Edition) (Käytetty CD)


    Uusi versio v. 2007 julkaistusta albumista! Uusi kansi ja bonusbiisejä!!

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  • Presley Elvis - Good Times 2CD Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    Upea albumi. 10 alkuperäistä original albumilta, sekä paljon eriotoksia ko. biiseistä. Hienot 7 kannet!

    Good Times is the twentieth studio album by Elvis Presley, released on March 20, 1974. The album was constructed by the first pick of a session held at Stax Studios in Memphis in December 1973 and two songs, ”I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby” and ”Take Good Care of Her”, which were left over from the session at Stax in July 1973. The album includes a collection of songs that vary in style and genre. Released the same day as the recording of Elvis: Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis was being made, the title was taken from the song ”Talk About the Good Times”. Many of the songs are covers of hits at the time, like ”Spanish Eyes” and ”She Wears My Ring”. Charting low at the time of its release, it was considered typical 1970s Elvis material and was his first album to hit the ”cut-out bins”. The album did have some success though upon its original release, becoming a Cashbox #1 hit and charting in the Top 50 in the UK.

    Original copies of the LP with the sticker on the cover (stating the singles on the album) are very rare and sell for large amounts on auction sites.

    The album released two singles, both hits: ”I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby” rose to #4 on the Country charts, #39 pop; ”My Boy” hit #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts, as well as #14 Country and #20 Pop.[4]

    It has been claimed that ”Talk About the Good Times” features an uncredited acoustic guitar performance by the song’s author, Jerry Reed.

    Elvis Presley – lead vocals
    James Burton – lead guitar
    Charlie Hodge – acoustic rhythm guitar
    Reggie Young – guitar
    Johnny Christopher – guitar
    Dennis Linde – guitar on “Take Good Care of Her” and “I Got a Thing About You Baby”
    Bobby Wood – piano except “My Boy”
    Per Erik “Pete” Hallin – piano on “My Boy”
    Tommy Cogbill – bass guitar on “Take Good Care of Her” and “I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby”
    Norbert Putnam – bass guitar
    Bobby Emmons – Hammond organ except “My Boy”
    David Briggs – Hammond organ on “My Boy”
    Ron Tutt – drums
    Jerry Carrigan – drums on “Take Good Care of Her” and “I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby”
    Joe Esposito – percussion on ”Take Good Care of Her” and ”I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby” (uncertain)
    Mary and Ginger Holliday – background vocals
    Kathy Westmoreland – background vocals
    J. D. Sumner & The Stamps, Voice – background vocals
    Mike Leech – string and horn arrangements
    Glen Spreen – string arrangement on ”Take Good Care of Her” and ”I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby”

    Al Pachucki, Dick Baxter, Mickey Crofford, Mike Moran – engineers

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  • Presley Elvis - Jailhouse Rock 2CD Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    JAILHOUSE ROCK is a 2-disc set in the classic album series.

    DISC 1 features one disc of masters, alternate masters, movie masters and a few bonus cuts in mono.

    DISC 2 consists of session takes – all in binaural. The package features the 7″ inch digipack format with 12-page booklet.

    There is  IN AND OUTTAKES section to the booklet, as FTD will be releasing JAILHOUSE ROCK VOL. 2 next year, and it will make more sense to have this section when the entire intended repertoire content is released.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Blue Hawaii 2CD Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    Elviksen eniten myyneen soundtrack albumin uusintapainos bonusbiisien kera. Upea 7″ paketti.

    Blue Hawaii is the fourth soundtrack album by the American singer Elvis Presley, released on RCA Victor Records in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 2426, on October 20, 1961.[6] It is the soundtrack to the 1961 film of the same name starring Presley. In the United States, the album spent 20 weeks at the number one slot and 39 weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top Pop LPs chart. It was certified Gold on December 21, 1961, Platinum and 2x Platinum on March 27, 1992 and 3x Platinum on July 30, 2002 by the Recording Industry Association of America.[7] On the US Top Pop Albums chart, Blue Hawaii is second only to the soundtrack of West Side Story as the most successful soundtrack album of the 1960s.

    Blue Hawaii was reissued on compact disc in 1997 and again in 2008. The latter edition was a deluxe 2-disc release on the Follow That Dream label that featured numerous alternate takes. It also corrected the error with the 1997 issue that incorrectly reversed the stereo channels. Five songs from this album appear on the 1995 compendium soundtrack box set Command Performances: The Essential 60s Masters II: ”Can’t Help Falling in Love”, ”Rock-a-Hula Baby”, ”Blue Hawaii,” ”Hawaiian Wedding Song,” and ”Beach Boy Blues.”

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  • Cochran Eddie - Something Else-The Ultimate Collection 8CD Boxset + KIRJA (CD)


    SISÄLTÄÄ KAIKKI TÄMÄN TODELLISEN ROCK`N`ROLL LEGENDAN STUDIO ÄÄNITYKSET. MUKANA MYÖS HARVINAISIA LIVE ÄÄNITYKSIÄ! ! MUKANA UPEA 192 SIVUINEN KIRJA! All vocal recordings by Eddie Cochran, whether as a solo artist or member of the Cochran Brothers,

    including his timeless hits

    * Some out-takes are also included!

    * A killer selection from Eddie’s instrumental and experimental recordings!

    * Demos, live recordings, and interviews!

    * A selection of Eddie’s work as a session guitarist for Skeets McDonald, Wynn Stewart, Ray Stanley, Lee

    Denson, Gene Vincent, Bob Luman and Johnny Burnette.

    * An incredible hardcover book with many rare photos, hundreds of label and cover reproductions and a

    newly researched biography by Stuart Colman, and a discography by Antoon van Olderen with Stuart

    Colman, Russ Wapensky, and Richard Weize.

    Eddie Cochran was truly Somethin’ Else. He had the look. He had the talent. He had the attitude. He played

    guitar–really played guitar. He produced his own records. He wrote his own songs. And he died too soon,

    leaving the tantalizing promise of what might have been. Eddie Cochran was no prefabricated teen idol. He

    controlled his music in a way that few early rock ’n’ rollers could or did. He lived in the studio and explored its

    potential, and, as rock ’n’ roll changed, he changed with it. His death in 1960 was a tragic loss.

    This is the most comprehensive Eddie Cochran compilation ever assembled!

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  • Presley Elvis - New Haven `76 (CD)


    Following on from his appearance in Fort Worth, Elvis rocked New Haven, Connecticut on July 30 at the Veterans’ Memorial Coliseum. Featuring photos from Steve Barile’s archives. Bonusbiisi Return To Sender Live vuodelta 1976.

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  • Presley Elvis - From Sunset To Las Vegas 2CD (CD)


    MIELENKIINTOISIA HARJOITUSVETOJA!! FROM SUNSET TO VEGAS is a 2-disc set in FTD’S 5 digipack format. The main body of the release is the rehearsal recorded at RCA’s studio on Sunset Blvd on August 16, 1974. There is a bonus section on Disc 2 with 10 live recordings from Elvis’ Las Vegas engagement in August/September 1974.”

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  • Bopcats - With Friends : String-Go (Käytetty CD)


    The BopCats with friends on kyseisen orkesterin ja muutaman heidän ystävänsä kunnianosoitus instrumentaali musiikille. Puhtaasti instru pohjalta mennään, mutta silti BopCatsien tutussa soundimaailmassa liikutaan,Rockabillyn ja RocknRollin elävässä -ja raikkaassa ympäristössä. Julkaisu sisältää suurimmaksi osaksi bändin kitaristin Utsin tekemiä biisejä, sekä niiden päälle 3 bändille läheistä lainabiisiä täydentääkin levyn lopulliseen kuosiinsa. Mukana levyllä häärivät Catsien lisäksi monesta ja vaikka mistä tuttu Honey Aaltonen, Agentseista ja Whistle Baitista tuttu Saxofonisti Juho Hurskainen, 20th Flight Rockersien Pete L sekä Hurriganes ympyröistä tuttu Sami Häkkinen. Segu Seguvia äänitti sekä miksasi levyn yhdessä Catsien kanssa, ja sen lisäksi Segu myös soitti yhteen biisiin pedalsteelit pisteeksi iin päälle.

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  • Bosshoss - Do Or Die (Ltd.Deluxe Edt.) CD+ DVD (Käytetty CD)



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  • Various - Big Beat Generation Vol 1 DVD (DVD)


    Kokoelma Big Beat levy-yhtiön bändien eri TV ja Live esiintymisistä.

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  • Hola Ghost - The Man They Couldn`t Hang (CD)


    HOLA GHOST is a two piece ROCK band with PETE 1 (former guitar player of NEKROMANTIX and MAD SIN), inspired by surf music, mexican folklore, dark disco, psychobilly, B-western movies and what else is out there worth listening to. Overdrive bass intwined with surf guitars and rock’n roll riffs in the face, while the vocal is singing, screaming and crooning its way through songs about B-movie heroes, howling wolves, revenge, hope, and love to alligator girls. On stage HOLA GHOST is a barrel of dynamite, egnited by a cigar butt. Dressed in sombreros, marriachi jackets, bullet belts and bandanas, the two urban guerillas are on the hunt for justice, beauty and ROCK’N ROLL! Driving the band along with psychotic flamencore rythms and pumping surf beats, the drum machine adds a strange disco flavour with its characteristic 1980′ ies sound and superhuman drum play. This makes HOLA GHOST sound like no other acts around!

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  • Feathers Charlie - Can`t Hardly Stand It! – The Complete 1950`s Recordings 2CD (CD)



    An undisputed king of rockabilly music, Charlie Feathers started out at the legendary Sun studio in 1954 writing songs for Elvis Presley before launching his own faultless recording career on Sun, Meteor, King and other labels. Feathers’ reputation as the unreconstructed hero of rockabilly was set by the European revival of the 1970s, since when he has been lifted to the status of God” by the patronage of such high-profile fans as The Cramps, Bob Dylan, The Fall and Quentin Tarantino.

    This double CD set finally gathers together all the prime 1950s recordings of the man, including all his known demos, alternative takes and even the tracks which feature Charlie as a session musician on guitar and spoons!”

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